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Real World Results: The Half-Ton Trailer vs. P90X Grudge Match

Recently, P90X creator Tony Horton coined the phrase “Inside Training For the Outside World”.  If that phrase was in a slot machine, it’d be equal to pulling a triple cherry jackpot and Tony would be drowning in Casino Doubloons right now. Fact is, that line sums up the spirit of P90X and P90X2 with gusto and has been something I emphasize here at How Do I Get Fit: Real World Results.

As a definition, Real World Results are basically this:

More than simply looking good, real world results allow you to live in the world you inhabit and take on its physical challenges with strength and confidence.

In short, you know you can take the chores and physical effort life can demand and spank them like they’d done something naughty. This last weekend I had an experience that put an exclamation point on the end of “Real World Results” and I thought I’d share. Pull up a blanket, pour a cup of Shakeology and settle in:

How I Pulled a Thousand Pound Trailer Uphill In The Snow and Lived To Tell About It

I know the title up there may sound like Grandpappy Withers telling you about how tough he had it to and from school (both ways!) as a kid, but I’m here to tell you I saw my “Real World Fitness” dominate a pretty grueling turn of events recently. See, this last weekend we packed up the car with family and drove into the mountains of Idaho to look for a Christmas tree we could cut down, take to our house, put up, decorate and then throw away a few weeks later. I’m a big believer in Christmas tree lots (just like running water and toilets) but tradition is tradition and Saturdays were meant for trekking into the mountain wilderness for the perfect tree… so off we went for an afternoon of local deforestation.

As it turns out, Christmas tree cutting requires a permit– a permit we had to pick up in a small town you might recognize from the movie “Napoleon Dynamite“. We should have known we were in for some hardship after we parked on Main Street to get the permit from a local hardware store… and immediately had the local cops shut the street down for the Preston, Idaho International Bed Race (no kidding… see for yourself). As I watched, I wondered how a crew of fit P90X/Insanity folks would have done… but I digress.

When we were finally allowed out, we made our way to the mountains, quickly found our tree, cut it down (it fell on me) and began hauling 3/4 miles back to the car through knee-deep snow and 35 degree temps. And actually, it was kind of fun. Fun because in years past–doughy and out of shape– dragging a tree through snow was like wading through mud with a giant squid hoisted over my back. This time around? No problem at all.

So here’s where the real challenge kicked in– as we got to the bottom of the mountain, someone had driven their SUV (with trailer) into the snow to help bring all the trees back up to the road– a totally kind gesture that got them totally stuck. Like, supersonic stuck. With four other guys and an HOUR+ of sucking Turbo Diesel exhaust and pushing a two and a half ton truck through a 39-point turn and a gain of about 100 yards, the SUV finally found traction and made its way back up the hill. But that trailer? Left behind and not going anywhere on its own.

As it was getting dark, a couple of the guys suggested leaving the trailer and coming back for it later (spring thaw?). Maybe it was bravado, maybe it was overconfidence in my P90X abilities but I knew with four guys, we could push/pull that trailer (loaded with four trees) the half mile back (uphill) to the road.

Trading off, I took the front in pulling (handcart style) and rotated to the back to push as we made our way back to the road in short 30-40 yard interval bursts. I didn’t think it was too bad until I noticed the other guys gasping and falling to the ground in exhaustion as I continued to push while yelling “Dig DEEEEEEP! BRING IT!” As we rested, I found I could have gone further before needing to rest myself. No doubt it was hard (it’s a thousand pound trailer being pulled through a couple feet of snow) but my recovery time was seconds and energy reserves never faltered.

All said and done, we reached the top of the hill just as it got dark and honestly, I felt great. I didn’t feel destroyed and even had a couple guys mention they needed to start P90X. I’d totally agree.

Own The Real World

We’ve seen Aaron P. boost his endurance on a wakeboard, Coach MC and I conquer 193 miles with Personal Record bests and many others jump into their first marathons or distance runs or other tough guy/gal challenge they wouldn’t have dreamed of just months ago.

I can’t emphasize enough the gains you can make with your program if you’ll just consistently apply it. Who knows what life will throw at you or if you’ll ever need to throw your weight behind a half-ton trailer… the fact is, P90X will have you ready for the challenge if it ever comes up.

In the mean time, I’m Dan Vinton. I’m a P90X/Asylum/Insanity grad and Independent Beachbody Coach. If you need help, I’m ready and waiting to help push you to your best


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