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Persistence Pays Off: Chase Update

So you may remember the awesome and dedicated Chase from the spotlight we had on his P90X journey almost a year ago.

Chase was at 290 lbs. when he began getting serious and making changes to his nutrition and physical activity. He’s come a long, long way. It’s a fantastic example of persistence: Not allowing the distance to the goal you truly want to frustrate your journey in getting there.

Chase recently shared this:

“I’m wearing a Large Under Armour fitted size now (I last wore Large when I was 10)! “

Over the last year or so, Chase has been diligent in his nutrition, his workouts and being a part of Fit Spot for support. He’s succeeding and as his most recent picture shows… has absolutely crushed it:


Chase is absolutely paving the way as an example of how to do it right… and even more, that you CAN do it. It may not take weeks. it may take months… but it can be done. And in almost every case, it’s even better than you ever thought possible. The secret ingredient?


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