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Beachbody Ultimate Reset Review- 21 Days With Chase

Nutrition is critical in our goals toward that certain physique… not to mention performance and health. The Beachbody Ultimate Reset is a nutrition system we’ve talked about a few times here at HDIGF and one that unquestionably works like magic for those who use it. You can read up on the peer reviewed, scientific results of  The Ultimate Reset here and or the general Ultimate Reset overview here but needless to say, it delivers dramatic changes in body composition (fat loss), cholesterol, testosterone (for men) and other “internal” processes that make our body’s world go round.

So, what’s it like to go through The Ultimate Reset? You couldn’t ask for better review than this one from Spotter Chase Garwood who underwent the Ultimate Reset and, unsolicited, wrote up a very detailed, very personal review of the process and his results. If you’re not convinced The Ultimate Reset is the real deal after this, you may never be.

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Review

As some background, Chase has been on an incredible fitness journey, using P90X, P90X2 and Asylum to scale down from almost 300 “your health is in jeopardy” pounds to knocking on the sub-200 pound range 207.  Chase has grabbed his health by the collar and given it the what-for. Here’s his Ultimate Reset Review:


Why The Beachbody Ultimate Reset?

My “why” for doing the Ultimate Reset were two-fold. In the past few years I’ve really jumped into getting and keeping fit and healthy. I’ve experienced great results and my health in my mid-40s is as good or better than in my 20s (and certainly better than my 30s when I was hitting 300 pounds and was headed to serious health issues). 

The Ultimate Reset is just another stop on my continued journey of exploration and seeing what works and doesn’t work for my fitness regime.  I’ve never done anything similar and never gone “veggie” ever in my life.  I didn’t do the Reset for weight loss or body fat percentage, but more for seeing about cleaning out my system, seeing about metabolism reset, and to give my body a bit longer break after 18 months of programs (two rounds of P90X, a round of P90X2, a round of Asylum Vol 1, and a Tough Mudder!). 

The second reason for doing Reset, was just timing.  The 21 days of Reset lined up really well before I head to Vegas and then the Outer Banks for family beach vacation, and was a good ‘reset’ point to prepare for the rest of my fitness schedule in 2013 (scheduling a second round of P90X2 in mid-July and then Beast in October).

How Was The Ultimate Reset Experience Overall?


The Ultimate Reset was definitely an exercise in willpower.  As usual, Beachbody did a really great job in the materials and plan for the program.  There is a detailed program guide, detailed menus/recipes, ingredient lists, supplement instructions, on-line Facebook support, and more.  The self-discipline part was made easier, as usual, if you just don’t think or second-guess and just follow the program to the letter. 

The work-week periods were smoother days for me.  I was in a structured routine already and distracted with normal business.  Weekends were more of a challenge.  You have more time to think about how many days are left, and in the past if I had a craving, I’d pop some Shakeology or a Quest Bar and be good to go.  You also have friends and family eating normal and even in a “clean” nutrition environment, the Reset is totally different.  I had one Saturday that we had a lunch outing with the kids and some friends.  I literally just had to sit there and just be social, since I couldn’t have anything there and not even the restaurant water (it’s not distilled)!  It wasn’t too bad, but something to plan out.  If you run into something like that, just Tupperware something that is on the plan and tell the waiter you’re on a special diet and they’ll likely be cool about it.

So…. I followed the program and over the 21 days I came out the other side without any cheating and without any compromise.  It wasn’t easy, but it was a good experience and does produce results.  If you stick with it and don’t stray!

Do You Need Any Additional Materials For The Ultimate Reset?

Nothing really exotic is needed for the Reset, other than water.  The program requires distilled or purified water for EVERYTHING.  Not tap water, not water from springs, and not bottled water that is “purified” but has minerals added back.  By everything, I mean use distilled water for ice-cubes, for cooking, as well as drinking.  And you’ll drink a lot of water in the 21 days. 

My recommendation would be to find a local dealer and just rent a water cooler and get about six 5 gallon bottles of distilled/purified water.  I found the cost not to be too bad (about $8 to rent the cooler/dispenser, and then only $10 per 5gal bottle, plus deposits you’ll get back later).  Made it much easier than trying to get from a grocery store (which many don’t even carry real distilled/purified water).  I already drink a ton of water and have 3-4 Sigg 33oz bottles, so for workdays I just filled up some Sigg bottles and brought them to work.

Sharpen you knives!  Make sure you have a good knife or two in the kitchen, since there’s a lot of meal prep of cutting and chopping vegetables and fruits.  Likewise, you have to measure, so good measuring spoons and cups are a must.  I found I didn’t really use my food scale, as most of the prep and cooking is by spoons/cups.  Lastly, for work days, have a good bag, backpack, briefcase, or something to carry your food, water, and supplements.  The box the Reset comes in is actually your base of operations and is well organized, containing all the supplements.  They also provide a little carry-bag so you can put supplement pills and packets in, which was really useful.

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Week 1 Review


The first week for me was the hardest. 

The program and veterans will tell you the same thing.  Luckily for my own personal experience, I completely kicked caffeine over a year ago when I first started P90X.  If you drink coffee or diet sodas, here’s your chance to break those habits (at least the diet soda, and nobody should be drinking sugar soda!), and you should really consider spending a week or two prior to Reset easing off the habit, otherwise you’ll be hurting.  I recall before P90X going cold-turkey and had massive headaches and irritability for 4-5 days.  I can say 18+ months later that I haven’t had a diet coke or coffee since!  I’ve never been a nicotine user, but if you are, that’s another habit to break and would suggest easing off that before Reset as well.  Same for gum chewers and candy/chocolate buffs (yep, no gum or breath-mints either).

Why was Week 1 hardest for me?  First of all, you can’t work-out at all!  I just mentioned some bad habits that you have to kick (caffeine/nicotine), but a great habit that gets “paused” is that there’s no real exercise other than a ‘brisk’ 20 minute walk a few times a day.  This is because your body really is doing a ton of internal work.  Which leads also to the second reason Week 1 was hard for me.  There’s no working out because the menu is really calorie restricted.  I was used to clocking in anywhere from 2200-2800 daily calories, and Reset had me at 1700-1800.  I never felt starving or seriously hungry in Week 1, but I felt the calorie drop.  Some of it was real physical feeling it, but honestly a lot of the impact was mental and habit.  I was really used to having 6+ meals a day, with good macros and lean protein like chicken/steak, as well as full blown Shakeology, and grabbing my Quest protein bars.  Going to just 3 meals a day, and the meals shifting toward full-blown veggie/fruit, was a mental and physical shift in Week 1.

Mood swings —  Yes… I actually did have some mood swings.  Not sure if it was just mental or my body and brain chemistry getting some work.  I wasn’t the Hulk or raging or anything, and I wasn’t euphoric and all huggy-bear, but I did have some moodiness, a little loss of focus (very minor), and did have some real peaceful moments.  Just be aware of your body and mental state with family, friends, and work-mates (and bosses! LOL). This faded by Week 2/3.

The Supplements

In Week 1 you jump into the supplements on the first day.  Reset did a great job by providing a reference card that is a great tool for what to take, what time to take it, and how long to wait before the next meal or supplement.  I referred to that card all the time.  I also heavily used my iPhone clock for timer and reminders.  Over the entire program you add something called “mineralize” to your distilled water. It’s not bad at all, and while a little salty, it’s not like drinking sea water.  Other supplements are pill-form, so are easy to take and I never had any issues.  The last supplement is Alkalize, and boy that was a tough one in Week 1.  It’s basically a powder form of grass (don’t worry, by Week 3 you get used to it).  I just mixed it with distilled water in a coffee cup and downed it like a shot of whiskey.  Quick and then shudder!

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Week 2 Review


The second week was actually a bit easier for me. 

Even though Week 2 is the “cleanse” week, I never had any issues.  I mentally accepted that I couldn’t work out and you start seeing Day 21 coming.  I did get on the elliptical in Week 1 for a brisk 20 minutes daily.  But about mid-way through Week 2 I just didn’t feel that motivated and started to feel a bit fatigued, so bagged it.  Plus, all the time I thought I’d have free from not working out was taken up by meal prep and cooking.  The calories and food content in Week 2 wasn’t any more restrictive than in Week 1, so while I started to feel some effects of lower calories, I didn’t feel starved and didn’t have too many hard hunger pangs. In Week 2 there is no animal protein and no dairy, it’s all vegetables, fruits, and complex clean carbs.

The “Cleanse” –  I know I was anticipating this week after reading the program and reading veteran experience and tips.  The ‘cleanse’ supplement packet was not bad at all to take.  It’s a powder packet that you mix with distilled water.  Unlike the Alkalize (which you do daily the entire 21 days), the cleanse supplement had a lemony taste, and while I did drink it fairly quick, it wasn’t like I needed to do a shooter like the green grass shot.  During the Week 2 “cleanse” time, I also never had to rush to the bathroom and never had a bad experience during this week.  Definitely was “regular” but really not all that different than my usual BM routine.  Not to get icky about this phase, but just want to alleviate fears.  The cleanse gave me a much more “robust” visit to the bathroom, but nothing crazy and nothing urgent.  Others might have a different experience, but my Week 2 wasn’t bad at all.  At the end of Week 2 I did feel cleaned out and Renewed.

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Week 3 Review


The last week and really on the countdown to Day 21! 

In Week 3 it’s total fruit and vegetable city. In the first two weeks I had Vegan Shakeology for my breakfast meal and calories (it was about the only thing that kept me sane in the first week). In Week 3 there’s no more Shakeology allowed, even though it’s Vegan formula (too much protein), so it was a shift to 3 cups of fruit for breakfast.  But it’s only 7 days and a wake-up, so I buckled down and surprisingly found I liked the fruit (but was counting down to Day 22 and Shakeology!). 

I found Week 3 to be a little more fatiguing for me, feeling the calorie reduction. But in Week 3, either my body adjusted or stomach shrunk, because I didn’t really feel hungry or starving.  Mentally I was daily thinking about Day 22, but physically I was fine and the meals were filling and no real hunger pangs in between (of course drinking water helps curb!).  While mentally fantasizing about eating normal, I wasn’t really thinking about pigging out with pizza or burgers.  I know my body well enough at this point in my fitness journey to know going nuts won’t be good, so I was just eager to have a regular chocolate Shakeology with natural peanut butter, my Quest bars, sweet potato fries, and then ease back into chicken, etc.

The supplements in Week 3 are about the same as Week 2.  You’re done with the cleanse packet, and instead now add a pill-based revitalize supplement.  You still do the other supplements, and the Alkalize in this final week isn’t nearly as tough as in the first two weeks, but I still took it like a cowboy shooter at the bar.

General Physical Reactions To The Ultimate Reset

  • Fear of Muscle Loss: Going into the Reset, I had a little fear that I was going to lose progress and have muscle loss given the reduced calories, protein restrictions, and 21 days of nothing more than a walk here or there. I don’t think I lost any muscle mass, and confident when I get back into P90X2 that I’ll quickly get back up to speed and improve.  What I did lose was the “pump” that I was used to having and seeing.  I could still see veins in my forearms and legs, but just not as obvious and pumped as I’m used to.  I admit, I do miss that “look” and after a lifetime of not having much vascular appearance, I equate the veins to progress and motivation.  But true muscle mass or strength loss, I don’t think I back-tracked much, if at all.
  • Body Temperature: I think it was early-mid Week 2, but I started feeling much colder than usual.  And I’m NEVER cold.  I’m the guy who cranks the HVAC at 67 degrees and makes his wife wear sweatshirts and use two comforters in bed.  LOL. Seriously, I didn’t know what was going on until I got on the Ultimate Reset Facebook support site and read up that the feeling of cold was common.  Apparently there really is internal work going on as blood if pulled to your internal organs and systems, and away from your skin.  I found myself turning on the heat a few times in the morning, and I slept with the down comforter, and reset the A/C to 75-78.  Crazy!
  • Blood Pressure:  Nothing bad or dangerous, but by Week 3 I did experience some low blood pressure.  If I was sitting and stood up fast, I got a little tunnel vision and that dizzy feeling.  Again, nothing to worry about, just something to incorporate and watch, and only if I was sitting on the couch and popped up.  Nothing while driving or at work or whatever.  Just an interesting body reaction and tied to the body temperature reaction as blood is flowing to internal work.
  • Body Aches:  Toward the end of Week 1 and all through Week 2 I had some real muscle soreness and aches in my upper back.  Since I wasn’t working out, I found it strange at first.  I figured it was because I was fatigued a little and spending more time than usual chilling on the couch and not doing work outs to stretch and whatnot.  I’m sure that was part of it, but again, I read from others and from the Ultimate Reset FB admin that such aches and soreness in certain areas was fairly common and likely result of your body “releasing” toxins and stress and build-up.  Just like in a deep-tissue massage and the release of lactic acid build up.  In Week 3 it wasn’t as bad and faded, so I can link somewhat to Week 2 and the Release/”cleanse” phase.
  • Acne: As part of the “cleanse” the program does warn that there might be some unusual body reaction and skin acne or the like as your body “releases” toxins during the program.  Not really typical as I understand it, and release is different for everyone and may occur in Phase 1 or 2 for some, but other might be Phase 3.  I didn’t experience anything until the last few days of the program when a had a few odd acne spots on my scalp and my arms, but not on my face, back, legs, or chest.  Either it was the Reset or I was outside and rubbed up against something or whatnot.  Nothing extreme, just a few odd break-out.  Basically got some Neutrogena spot acne stuff and it’s already going away.
  • Sleep: the Reset guide and others talked about getting deep sleep and all that.  I slept pretty well before Reset, especially when in a program like P90X2, and try to get at least 7 hours.  I didn’t feel I slept that much better, but not worse either, although at times during Week 2 and 3, I did just wake up at 3AM’ish or 4AM’ish and was wide awake.  Nothing bad, but annoying a few times.

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Review: Results and Parting Thoughts


Day 22 waking-up results — my scale weight was 206.5!!! 

So I lost 18.5 pounds (starting weight was 225), and I lost 1” on my waist size.  Woot!

The Ultimate Reset was a challenging experience, and one I’m glad I successfully completed.  I didn’t expect dramatic results, given that I’ve made such great progress over the last 1.5 years, so it really is all where you start and we’re all different.  I think Reset would be great and have even bigger results for someone earlier in their journey.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m pleased with the program and didn’t go into Reset to lose double digits scale weight. 

I also think Reset is great in teaching folks about nutrition and food choices.

I already had good experience and learned from the P90X/X2 nutrition and meal-planning. So during my Reset program I went with the meal planning via “Reset in a Crunch”, which is basically a plug-in-play of a few meals that are easy to make.  The Reset gives a daily menu and meal plan and recipes, and it’s really put together well.  I’m just not that much of a “foodie” and knew that over 21 days that I would be fine and not bored with eating Garlic Vegetables, Miso Soup, and baked Sweet Potato for 7-14 nights straight, or having the Micro-greens Salad and Pumpkin Seeds for lunch for 10 days straight.  I think you do whatever you’ll stick with and stay with the program. While 21 days isn’t like the usual 60-90 day workout programs, when you’re in it, 21 days is not chump change and is a real challenge.

What’s next?  Shakeology and Quest bars!!!  I’m going to ease back into my regular menu and maintenance calorie and macro levels before the beach (beach week is my cheat week to keep myself sane the other 11 months of the year).  I’ll save the 100% workout levels for jumping back into full P90X2 program after 4th of July! Cheers!

Ultimate Reset = Legit. You can learn more about it, read more success stories and/or order it right here.

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