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Tony Horton Punches Your Excuse List Into Next Year

As corn-a-riffically silly as inspirational P90X front-man Tony Horton can be sometimes (which I think is kind of awesome), the dude is legit in his workout programs, his approach to life and talking the talk in getting people out of their flabby rut and living life from a perspective of “CAN DO”. If you’re familiar with his workouts, he calls himself “The Fitness Clown”– which can be pretty apt as he cracks jokes, acts goofy and has an all-around good time with it all.

Still, the dude means business so it’s both surprising and unsurprising that in a recent blog post, he pretty much  lets lose with not just some tough love… I’m talking double-tap, upper-cut through the window, onto the concrete and run over by a car tough love. Thing is, as biting and “rude” as it may come across… deep down we all know it’s true and personally, I give it a high-five.

“I’m sick and tired of hearing why you can’t stop eating crap. Stop blaming your thyroid, boyfriend, childhood and ancestry because it’s not working. The problem is your inability to face reality. The real issues are your lack of accountability, willpower, determination and the lousy company you keep. It’s also your lame plan or lack there of. Your reasons “why” suck and you don’t tell the truth about what you stuff in your face when no one is looking.”

Like I said, dude means BUSINESS. Needless to say, the post is less about being mean and more about dropping your excuses into a den of hungry alligators, getting on track, facing reality and being accountable… and that’s great advice all around. For the full beatdown and real gist of this verbal “slap back to reality”, check out the full monty here.

In the mean time, if this rings a bell and you’re looking for someone to help along the way (and deliver a dash of tough love if necessary), let’s get your journey started by making me your coach today. You’ve got nothing to lose but excuses, fat and low self-esteem! 

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  1. Karen says:

    Wow! I feel like I just got called out! Even though I work out and eat clean most of the time… I will admit to the occasional “closet eating”. GREAT post! Just the kick in the pants I needed!

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