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Stop Copying Me!

True story: P90X is one of the most, if not THE most, pirated DVDs in the world, of all recorded time and maybe even the universe. Of course, that’s a credit to the program… P90X gets results. Problem is, the more popular the product, the more people want it free. So here’s some food for thought… with that mentality– (I want it without having to exchange anything for it)– how can anyone really say they’re going to commit to 90 days of P90X or 60 days of Insanity? Because once you get it, the REAL work begins.

So here’s the spark for this post: As a coach, I run into two consistent problems in helping people who are starting the programs or looking into them:

  • Track my workouts with what? What’s a nutrition guide?
  • One (or more) of my discs I bought used off Ebay/Craig’s List/My Friend who gave up don’t work.

Frustrating because either way, I can’t help. Beachbody Fitness programs like P90X and Insanity come with detailed nutrition plans that get you on track for what, how and when you should be eating based on YOUR fitness levels, weight and goals. They also come with tracking worksheets so you know how you’re progressing in more than just “reduced numbers on a scale”. When someone “steals” P90X from torrent sites or a pirated copy, they’re not getting these essential tools. The workouts alone aren’t the program.

Used discs almost ALWAYS come without the nutrition guide, worksheets and fitness guides. They almost ALWAYS comes with scratches and/or discs that don’t work. Case in point: My first copy of P90X was a gift. The giver bought it used off ebay. One of the discs didn’t work and a couple others skipped like mean round of hopscotch. Don’t get me wrong… the thought counted– but the result was a program I had no recourse on. Beachbody will replace defective merchandise all day long if you buy from them but if you don’t… you’re out of luck.

Here’s something to consider:

If You Don’t Invest In The Program, Are You Really Going to Invest In Yourself?

It’s the old adage: “People care more about that which they earn/work for”. You’re worth far more than $120. I know budgets are tight– I know we’re all conscious of saving money but for $120– the cost of a FULL YEAR membership at, say, Planet Fitness– you get a comprehensive program that can get you remarkable results in 3 months. That’s worth the price all day long. Don’t go out and think you’re only worth a used copy and $60. I find those who sacrifice to make the upfront financial commitment are those who ultimately complete the 90 days. Never once have I heard any of these people say, “I wish I hadn’t spent that $120.00”.

In the end, how you purchase your program is a decision you make for yourself. Buying through this site or Team Beachbody garuntees you a dedicated coach, dedicated support and dedicated follow-up including money-back guarantees and free replacement. You don’t even have to buy it from me (though I appreciate it)… but don’t be afraid to make the investment. It’s worth every penny. 

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  1. Karen says:

    The diet is 80%… if you don’t have it… epic fail! Buying the original guarantees the best chance for success! Great article!

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