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Nutrition Plan Confession… And Why I Don’t Feel Guilty

If you want to lose fat, change your body and gain a physique you never thought possible, nutrition is key. Understand that and 80% of your battle is won.

So here’s that confession… I’m pretty die-hard at eating “clean” (staying in my macronutrients and calorie intake) but yesterday was my 10-year anniversary:

10 years ago today I was in a tux, kinda dumbfounded looking at this HAWT, personality-packed chick in white while high-fiving myself for awesome luck. Today that tux is probably out of style but I’m still looking dumbfounded at that same HAWT, personality-packed chick. As it turns out, those high-fives were totally warranted. It’s been a pretty rad 10.

So to celebrate my luck, guess what? I splurged at a hip local joint called The Copper Onion. I ordered a hamburger (yup, that first pic? That’s the one), I ate ice cream, I ordered dessert. I got up this morning and enjoyed some waffles, sausage and some crepes. And as luck would have it, today my pants still fit. My stomach’s still packing six and I’m right back at plugging away in P90X and Asylum.

And I didn’t feel the least bit guilty (well, maybe a little). Here’s the logic on why as clearly explained by the Insanity/Asylum Master himself, Shaun T:

Life is about LIVING.¬† BUUUUUT… here’s the deal: I’ve reached my goals (there’s obviously ongoing refinement, however) and once you’re fit, active and know the secret nutrition combination¬†to keep you that way you should be able to enjoy a little something.

Again, don’t get me wrong here. This isn’t a free pass by any stretch. YOU KNOW if you’ve hit your goals and if you haven’t, don’t take an indulgence until you do. Just. Don’t. Do it. Bit by bit, day by day is how we make progress here and stepping off the road before you get to your destination just gets you stuck or tumbling back down hill. Don’t make excuses and don’t lie to yourself. GET THERE FIRST.

But here’s the fun part– the part to work for: once you reach your destination, once you’re in the habit of working out and feeling great and pushing yourself physically and eating clean and CONTINUE on down the same road, temporary indulgences are what makes life great. Just earn it first– deserved guilt is overrated.

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  1. Leland says:

    Totally agree! Great post! Glad to see your human and not a machine!

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