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Losing Weight Isn’t Your Goal. Losing Fat Is.

There’s a way of thinking in need of a revolutionary shift and/or a straight kick in the pants when it comes to getting fit– the fitness measuring equivalent of fool’s gold: So here it is: you’re not trying to lose “weight”; You’re trying to lose FAT.

I know there’s a fine line there (fat weighs something, after all) but once you wrap your mind around the fact weight isn’t always fat, you’ll understand why weight is a nebulous “thing” that can help but mostly hinder…and why I think constantly checking the scale for progress  is counterproductive and unnecessarily frustrating. I won’t deny tracking your weight has its place (baseline, starting points, monthly checkin-ins and all that) but when anyone invests so much hope, happiness and measured success in the readout on a scale—or pumps their fist at losing weight for the sake of losing weight– a simple increase in the numbers on the scale will always become a “failure”… and that just shouldn’t EVER be the case.

Weight Is A Number, Not Progress

I’ve visited this topic before, but weight is simply a measurement of weight and little else:  Eat dinner, gain weight. Go to the bathroom, lose weight. Put shoes on, gain weight. Take your clothes off, lose weight. See where I’m going with this? Any one of a thousand changes you can do to your body will tip the scale up or down but at the end of the day are your pants tight? Is your “little pooch” still pooching its way around your waist? Do your arms still look like a fresh-squeezed line of toothpaste?

Point is– we need to stop looking to “weight” as a sole source of progress. Sure it’s an indicator but you can fast for a day and lose “weight” while not being any thinner than the next time you take a drink or eat a meal. Losing fat will always makes you look thinner (aka- leaner), more vascular and more muscular– and its these visual measuring sticks most folks in the process of “losing weight” want in the first place.

And really, isn’t that what it boils down to: visual results over a pat on the back from a machine that’s got no concept of who you are, how much farther you ran or how much better your T-shirt fits? I vote yes.

Vote “Yes” with me right here.
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  1. Romall Smith says:

    So freaking true. I have been 170 for over 2 years but i have gone from a 36 to a 30 in that time. weight means nothing unless you are trying to make weight for a fight

  2. Jim says:

    Absolutely the truth. It’s not weight, it’s fat. good job of putting the focus where it belongs.

  3. Karen says:

    true here too! Fitting into smaller clothes is more important than weight loss! New muscle tone and renewed energy… now that’s what I love!

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