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Attack of the Killer Leafy Greens

Maaaaaaaaaan. A post about leafy greens? What about the push ups and pull ups and workout news and tips? This ain’t no vegetarian nutrition blog, DAN.

I know, I know… but I’m blaming this one on sensational headlines. They made me do it. So, for today…consider this a friendly Public Service Announcement.

In a recent finding circulated through a lot of media outlets, headlines warned “Leafy Greens are Making You Sick”! (IE- CDC: Beware the leafy greens). I hate headlines like that simply because they send the wrong message. I’ve seen a few people pick¬† this one up and run with it- see, veggies suck! No leafy greens for me!

No. As noted in the article, most food poisoning outbreaks have recently come from leafy greens- powerhouses in the micronutrient department. But wait! That doesn’t mean leafy greens are bad for you- it means the way they’re handled and delivered to you can be supsect despite the best intentions.

Leafy greens still remain a potent source of awesome nutrition. You just have to WASH THEM.

Veggies you’ll find at the grocer are relatively “fresh” and come in their “own wrappers”– wrappers that have been in the ground, touched, handled, watered, etc. And even with precautions, these leafy greens have obviously been exposed to the environment from where they came and all along the way from field to your produce department. And that’s OK… BUT knowing what veggies touch is beyond your control, it is always WISE to WASH YOUR FOOD before you eat it even if it’s packaged as “ready to eat”.

I sound like your Mom and this is kind of “Duh” stuff but it does bring me to my second point which ties in to the nutritional goals of your Beachbodyprogram:

Leafy Greens Are Your Pals


See, the more you focus on your nutrition, the more you begin to understand how vital vegetables (and plant-based stuff) can be. They’re not only calorie light- they’re nutrient dense. Nutrient dense with the kinds of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that ward off disease, keep you looking younger, feeling better and firing on all six cylinders for optimum performance.

I know many of you reading might be thinking “OK, blah, blah, blah… now where’s my meat and carbs” but if that’s echoing through your mind right now, read this and you’ll understand why micronutrients rule. Leafy Green vegetables (IE- veggies beyond carrots and corn and potatoes) are THAT good and excusing your way out of a salad or Brussels sprouts is an exercise in denying your body and health what it needs.

So don’t allow lame headlines to scare you off of nutritious and beneficial food. Just do what your Momma taught you and is kind of “duh” before vegetables started being marketed in bags as “ready to eat”- wash your vegetables before eating them and enjoy all they’ve got to nutritionally give. To put a point on it: Salad up!

By the way, if you’re looking for tasty ways to eat your veggies,¬† I highly recommend the book Karma Chow. It’s written by Tony “P90X” Horton’s personal chef and is loaded with shockingly good recipes.

PSAs for veggies aside, if you’re wondering how to make your Beachbody workout program work for you with support and a whole heap of awesome, email me at or make me your free coach here. 


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