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Success Center

Welcome to the How Do I Get Fit Success Center. Answers and “How To’s” essential to your transformational fitness success will be posted here– from common to mind-boggling and just plain kick-butt. This list will grow and evolve as time goes on and should be a definitive go-to resource for any burning and no-nonsense questions you may have. We’re all in this together– let’s get started on your transformational fitness success!

Worksheets & Hybrid Schedules

How do you know what you can do if you don’t know what you’ve done? Tracking your workouts to make improvements week over week is critical to fueling momentum. You can find all your P90X, P90X2 and Insanity/Asylum worksheets here as well as P90X hybrid schedules for mixing and matching action.

The Body-Changing Blueprint

Everything you need to know about your nutritional phases, calorie goals and macronutrient levels is explained in full right here. This information forms the bedrock of your fitness and transformational journey. A must-read.

Nutrition Tracking: The Hows & Whys

Tracking your nutrition is a must to staying on target and reaching your goals. Learn how to track it, why it’s important and how it ultimately helps you understand your nutrition. You don’t have to track your nutrition forever but for those who do it throughout their transformation, you’re looking at the difference between “average” and “mind-blowing”.

Snack Attack: 14 Smart (and easy) Go-To Snacks

Snacking is the glue that holds your nutritional goals together. They ward off hunger and keep your body fueled. But what’s a snack, anyway? Here’s 14 snack ideas that worked great for me and may even give you a few new ideas to play with as well.

P90X & GAINING MASS: Beyond P90X Classic

If there’s one question I get from the dudes, it’s “I want to put on mass– can I do that with P90X?” Heck yes you can. Here’s the details on how to make P90X work for you in packing on working muscle.

P90X For The Runner

P90X is incredibly versatile and since running is the most popular sport int he world, you can bet P90X can help improve your running game all day long. Introducing the P90X runner’s training schedule.

Does P90X Work?

I think you know the answer and I’ll say yes all day long but here’s some hard study, clinical trials by the American Council on Exercise that proves it out. 

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