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Why Am I Fat?

There’s always a WTF(udge) moment where we stop, take a look at our waistlines, muffin tops and pot-guts while gasping “How did I get to this?” Every individual has their own personal demons to fight when it comes to weight gain, but the simple fact is, aside from a few medical conditions, the fat-dough piles on when taking in more food than your body uses for energy. With the standard American diet these days, this is usually amped up by the fact our food comes packed with calories and the simple exercise of eating out could pretty much blow the calories you need in a day in one simple shot… the rest of what you eat/ate that day is just padding in the fat-bank.

I’m a broken record when it comes to this. Weight loss, getting ripped and looking toned is almost all (80%, even) in the eating.


Everyone has their reasons for getting to their “Holy crap, I’m FAT” moment but it’s what they do at that moment that defines whether they’re buying a new wardrobe because they’re ripped… or buying a new wardrobe because they put action off and got fatter. And honestly- losing fat isn’t just about looks… slagging the fat hanging off your body is about your long-term health, confidence and learning what you’re truly capable of as well.

Thing is, you’ve got to decide real, lasting and results-driven change is what you want and THEN commit to getting the fat off– and fat loss and a sculpted body just doesn’t come from a pill or wishful thinking. It comes through burning more than you eat and eating right… and that’s not always easy– just worth it.  It’s what every single before and after picture that’s motivated you has done, it’s what I did and it’s what you can do as well.


I can’t say enough about the P90X program to punch the fat cycle in the face with– mostly because P90X worked like gangbusters for me. And even though I’ve since graduated to Insanity and am now drenching my floor with The Asylum, it’s P90X that “brung me”. That said, I continue to work it in at least 3 times a week to maintain and keep the fat-chisel sharp.


So hey- if you’re asking yourself why you’re fat– the answer is easy. So is the solution. Make P90X work for you like it did for me with even more nutrition tips, help and personal support. You’re not out there guessing– if you have any questions, feel free to email me at or make me your coach.

If you’d like to learn even more about P90X and take the challenge yourself, check out my P90X Review. 

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