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TurboFire Starter Pack- A TurboFire Breakdown

I know we’re used to talking about the ins and outs of P90X, Insanity and the like but don’t go running for the hills, fellas… I do have to show some love for the HDIGF TurboFire crowd. Now before you go questioning my “Dude Cred”, know that TurboFire is no joke. With its huge (like, ridiculously huge) following anchored in a love of all things Chalene Johnson (Turbokick, Piyo, buckle-tastic workout gear), TurboFire brings some serious High Intensity Interval Training.

Guys tend to shy away from it because we look goofy trying to stick the moves and look tough doing it (not all– there’s a few dudes who hold it down) and the ladies love it because it’s fun, high energy and they look awesome doing it. But whether you’re a guy or a gal, TurboFire has introduced some new workouts by way of a Starter Pack, which I think is pretty cool. Read on to see why.

Welcome To TurboFire: Fire Starter Pack

With its combination of booty-shakin’ music combined with dance, boxing and plyometric moves choreographed like it’s your Mom’s business, TurboFire has earned its reputation as both fun and “tough”. One area people have to play catch up quickly (and a component of that “tough” part) is in the choreography. The first few workouts can leave newcomers feeling lost but it’s here the Fire Starter pack shines as an introductory high-five. I don’t mean to get all “but wait, there’s MORE”… but how cool is that? A series of workouts and instruction to work you into the program and show you every move with proper form. Awesome.

Once you’ve got that down, the Fire Starter PackĀ  has three new, lower impact workouts (IE- no jumping) that create a bridge to the Big Show (TurboFire) or can also serve as “active recovery” workouts. There’s a Yoga-riffic stretch workout.

If you’ve been thinking about TurboFire (and I know there’s those of you have!), The TurboFire Starter Pack is a great place to start.

Check out the details (or pick a up a copy) of the very affordable TurboFire Starter pack right here or if you’re big on visual cues– click that big ol’ button below:


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