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Silly Dudes, P90X Is For Women (Too)

That’s right– P90X is for everyone. It’s a fantastically well-rounded program for both dudes and the ladies. Still, some women get a little worried about P90X. They see the infomercial “after” pictures of dudes looking ripped and muscular and visualize their own bodies bulked up and looking like a man in a bra.

First off- that’s not going to happen. Women have to train very, very specifically and in some cases with a bevy of supplements both legal and illegal to gain “man-sized” bulk. Female hormones make it tough– which works out great if you’re a lady looking to lean and toned. Your body is naturally inclined to build you a lean toned body, unlike dudes who have all kinds of testosterone to help aid the cause of getting “big”.

A fellow coach and all around cool guy Ted Gore put up a nice summary. I like it so much I’m just going to quote him:

There is a common misconception that women need to stick to cardio, or do tons of reps of low weight, or do all of these ‘toning’ leg and butt workouts to meet their ‘goals’, but in reality, incorporating heavy resistance training will only get yourself there FASTER. Why is that? It’s simple. Muscle burns energy, energy comes from calories. The more muscle you have, the more energy you burn. More calories burned = less fat. So you’ve increased the amount of muscle on your body, and decreased your body fat, and voila, now you are toned… that magic word every woman wants.

Amen. And you don’t get there alone by running a thousand miles a week or doing non-stop cardio. You do it through, first and foremost, nutrition and strengthening your muscles (yes, even lifting heavier weights). The result? When that fat melts away (and it WILL), your muscle definition is waiting to show off and make your tank top proud with toned shoulders and arms you’ve  put in the work to make gorgeous.

If you’re a lady looking to get toned up, P90X will get you there. I’ve seen it time and again. In fact, (and I tell this story all the time) when my Lady-Friend (Mari-Catherine) finished her first round of P90X, she was accused of having a “butt lift”. Oh, that we’d taken pictures then… but if you’re looking for a great video example? Meet Monica:

That’s a real result from someone dedicated to the program. It’s not a Photoshopped catalog shot– it’s a woman basking in the light that came at the end of the tunnel when she chose to begin a personal journey of consistent work and nutritional dedication. The formula is easy and it’s COMPLETE in P90X.  If you’re looking for definition and looking all-around sexy, get started with P90X.

If you’re ready to take the challenge, both Mari-Catherine and I can totally help you nail your personal goals. Sign up for either of us to be your Beachbody Coach, and let’s get you rockin’ that tank  top before summer’s here and gone! 


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  1. Karen says:

    Absolutely works for women!

  2. Lily says:

    This is so so true, all women I know used to make fun of me for lifting weights and now they can’t believe their own eyes. I’m currently doing an Insanity and P90x hybrid schedule and I’m loving the results!

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