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P90X2 Preview: Part II

Yesterday I posted Part I highlights of Steve Edwards’ ongoing P90X:MC2 preview which explained the baseline ideas and principles behind the buffer, rougher and tougher big brother to P90X.  Now that sciency stuff like “functional explanations” are out of the way, we can get into the bread and butter fun we’ll be doing day in and day out: The Workouts.

First Up? Core and Plyocide (you can read the full excerpts at his blog link above):

“MC2 Core”

This will remind those who’ve done P90X Lean of opening with Core/Syn but this workout is even more applicable to the journey of this particular program.

To talk about what’s right with this workout I need to begin by explaining what’s wrong with us… Our general lifestyle activities create imbalances because certain muscles in your kinetic chain take over movements that were once done by other, smaller muscles. The longer this goes on the worse it gets, and training can even exacerbate the situation by making the active muscles stronger, thus creating greater imbalances.

To combat this we’re changing the platform that you train on to create instability in order to force these forgotten muscles back into action. When you free these stabilizer muscles to fire it allows the muscles that were doing double duty to work more efficiently and, thus, your performance increases even before you’ve seen tangible muscle strength increase. Furthermore, for those only interested in how you look in the mirror, this forces your body back into the alignment it was born with so that you’re appearance will improve as well.

To answer a couple of inevitable questions: it’s called a core workout because you are learning to engage your core in every movement that you do. If you learn to properly engage you core, and stay open as you move, your body’s potential for improvement will dramatically increase.

The next inevitable question:is this going to get me pumped and force me to bring it? In a word: yes. While you do spend a lot of time balanced in precarious stances there’s plenty of resistance movement to make you sweat and even have you screaming to finish off sets.


If you’ve got the One on One DVD [Edit: Read the HDIGF Review and/or Buy It Here] you’ve got a pretty good idea of the moves involved but we’ve re-cut the workout so that you’ll hardly recognize it… Many of the movements to this workout came from a guy nicknamed “the dunkmaster” because he claims that he can teach anybody to dunk. Given that, along with the most perfect workout title ever, we felt a burden of responsibility to create a masterpiece.

I thought we had one on my first run-through, which was brutal. But we kept tweaking until we were sure, and this was confirmed yesterday at our first live showing of the re-mastered, re-edited Plyocide. Beachbody’s own Steph Saunders (Advice Staff Too on the Message Boards and creator of “the Saunders Cycle” in 90X Kenpo) stated, “I’d done the One on One version a few times and found it kind of light, but this utterly destroyed all of us.”

Oh. Baby!

As usual, I’ll continue to add this in parts as they come available. Keep up to date on the latest P90X 2 news, tips and P90X support by making me your coach for FREE

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