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P90X2 Preview: Part I

P90X is still going strong with tons of folks just now picking up on the magic and giving it a try. Not to be caught standing still, P90X:MC2 (the P90X “sequel”) is in the pipeline and filming for an end-of-year release.

P90X co-creator Steve Edwards has been previewing the new program over the last couple months. If you’ve missed them, here’s the highlights on what to expect (you can read the full excerpts here at his personal blog):


Those of you who subscribe to Tony’s One on One Series already have some idea of what to expect. That series gives you a great idea on the movements you’re going to get but the actual workouts have evolved a lot since then. We got quite functional in our warm-up and cool-downs, each movement was tweaked until we felt we were using the most modern applied science approach, and the sequencing is, to quote Arnold from Pumping Iron, “to a point. Wait when you see it.”

As an athlete, and all of you who’ve done P90X (even if you’ve never participated in a sport) are athletes, mc2 (name still pending) is going to greatly raise the bar. You’re going to feel better. You’re going to perform better.

The System

Phase 1: Foundation

Not foundation as in “base training” but as in your attachment to the earth… The two major areas of weakness in the human body, which leads to probably 90% of sports injuries, are shoulder and hip instability. Solve this and non-contact injuries will virtually disappear.

Phase 2: Strength

This will feel more familiar to most of you as it’s similar in structure to P90X. The workouts, however, will keep your body evolving. Functional is the key difference as almost every movement is done from an athletic position designed to improve your body’s ability to move better.

Phase 3: Performance

At this stage we leave “do you best and forget the rest” behind. We’re now walking a razor’s edge of human performance. Push your body to 100% with perfect form. When your form fails, you’re done. The force loads are excessive but the philosophy here is that if you can’t handle force in a controlled situation you won’t be able to handle it when it’s forced upon you.

I’ll be adding this in parts as they come available. Up next: The Workouts.

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