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The Two Degrees of P90X2

So the NBA’s Utah Jazz scored a convincing 100-88 win over the Phoenix Suns to nail the last play-off spot in the 2012 Western Conference Playoffs. Considering the Jazz began the season as a non-starter with “Zer-0” All-Stars and still in what many considered to be the extension of their rebuilding phase, that’s not too shabby. And while many are talking “NBA”…

…all I’m seeing is the two degrees of P90X2 at play in their win.

So here’s how it breaks down in degrees 2-0.

P90X2 and the Two Degrees of The Utah Jazz

There’s the Utah Jazz coming kind of out of nowhere to clinch a playoff spot. Follow that success to the fact The Jazz train with P3 Peak Performance Project:

P3 is a modern laboratory for elite athletes where the latest in science is applied to athletic training in an athlete-specific and customized manner that is exclusively P3. In addition, every athlete’s training performance is carefully documented and studied for subtle trends and breakthroughs.

As it turns out, P3 played a beefy role in creating P90X2 and its athletic-enhancement “Welcome to the Next” PAP workouts. And there’s your two degrees.

P90X2’s Training In Real World Action

Did P90X2 help The Jazz clinch that playoff win and end the season strong with superior quickness, endurance and athleticism? Not by definition… but the athletic training techniques used in P90X2 as developed by P3 were in effect with many of the Jazz players this year, including 2012 NBA Dunk Champ Jeremy Evans.

Coincidence? You could debate it through a grab bag of factors, but I’m coming down on at least some of the magic being on account of their training… training you’ll only find in P90X2. If you’re going through the program, you know what I’m talking about. If not… and you’re interested in taking yourself to pro-level athleticism, let’s get you started


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