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P90X2 Workout Previews– See P90X2 in Action

Hot on the heels of the P90X2 post to end all P90X2 posts (until I get even more details– stay tuned for that), here’s a visual preview of some of the workouts that have been floated on YouTube by Beachbody. They’re very, very tease-ariffic and really an “ankle show” but definitely enough to get “X” folks all palpitated and excited.

So far, the featured workouts are X2 Shoulders and Arms, X2 Base and Back, X2 Total Body, X2 Core, PAP Upper and PAP Lower. I’ll add new videos as they become available. In the mean time… enjoy and, maybe even for the fun of it… check the form and give a few of these moves a try!

X2 Total Body


X2 Yoga

V-Sculpt (Available only with Deluxe/Ultimate packages or separate purchase)

Chest, Back and Balance

X2 Core

X2 Shoulders & Arms

X2 Ab Ripper X

Chest, Shoulders, Tris

Base and Back

Recovery + Mobility

P.A.P Upper

P.A.P Lower

As always, stay updated and get your P90X2 pre-order going along with support and real answers along the way by making me your free Beachbody coach right here


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  1. Josh Spencer says:

    Dude, that guy in the Shoulders & Arms workout looks familiar! Man, I wish I was in that guys’ shoes..

  2. Karen says:

    I Can’t wait to see and do all these DVD’s all the way through! Bring It!!!

  3. I did the One on One MC2 series ( Tony’s P90X2 test run ) and it looks like Tony has SERIOUSLY cranked it into high gear for X2…especially PAP. That just looks nasty!

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