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P90X2: Ways To Prepare

P90X2 is just around the corner and lots of “Xers” are prepping with new rounds of P90X, hybrids and all kinds of mental focus. After all, P90X2 steps up the P90X game with the introduction of stability training, compound movements (IE- strings of moves using the kinetic chain) and Post-Activation-Potentiation (PAP!). Word is if you’re not “acclimated”, soreness will be the song you’re singing if you haven’t prepped for “go time”…. like first time doing “Chest and Back” sore.

So let’s get down to business. With P90X2 broken into three Training Blocks taking advantage of periodization (muscle confusion) for an “all skills in the pool” beatdown with Block III’s PAP, how can you get ready for what’s to come? After all, hitting the ground running is where it’s at. Hitting the ground and stumbling is totally overrated.

Psyching Up For P90X2 Phase I: Stability

P90X2 kicks off with Phase I. This is the training block all kinds of loop-throwing instability and “sports stance” movements to improve your base. When this foundational block is over, you should feel like a mountain goat: ain’t nothin’ gonna throw you off your balance.

The go-to for “apples to apples” prep is going to be the P90X One on One MC2 workouts (Volume III) thanks to its P90X2 “practice run” format. You can buy the workouts individually if you’re not looking at scoring the whole series ($20 per workout and $18 for Club Members) individual buys are definitely the more economical way to go. Beachbody’s Steve “The P90X Training Brain” Edwards recommends incorporating TWO of the following workouts from the volumes 1-3 of the P90X One on One series:

  • Core Synergistics: MC2 (aka- P90X2)
  • Total Body X: MC2 (aka- P90X2):
  • 4 Legs (Volume I)
  • Upper Body Balance (Volume II)
  • Base & Back: MC2 (aka- P90X2) (My review is here)

If you want to use what you already have on hand with Classic P90X, try these:

  • Core Synergistics
  • Legs and back

Lastly, there’s the secret gem P90X+ (more details here). Personally, I’m a huge fan of these workouts. Varied and fun with LOADS of compound movement:

  • Total Body Plus
  • Upper Body Plus

Psyching Up For P90X2 Plyocide

P90X2’s Phase II puts a focus on strength. It’s here you’ll build your “money body” with resistance and… plyometrics.

There is simply no way [Plyocide] isn’t going to hurt out of the gate but if you start adding a day of ever-increasing plyometric workouts to your training now and you’ll be ready to stave off utter annihilation.

— Steve Edwards

Just as with Block I, there’s some prep work that can go into play here:

One on One

  • Plyocide: MC2 (aka P90X2… my review is here): Some of the same moves you’ll see in P90X2 Plyocide but at a slower pace.
  • Plyo Legs: Jumping. Lots of Jumping.

P90X Classic

  • P90X Plyo: “The Monster”. The highest calorie burning workout of P90X2 and maybe one of the toughest.


Insanity Max Interval Plyo




Overtime (This is a 15 minute “add-on” to any other workout… makes no mistake… it’ll be the longest 15 minutes of your life)

Vertical Plyo: (Love this workout) Vertical Plyo is tough… and in case you think I’m exaggerating:

So there you have it– straight from the program designer himself: Steve Edwards. If you’re looking to get after some training for the toughest aspects of P90X2, dip into these workouts. You may already have them and if so…. great! If you’re looking at giving them a try (Asylum is a bargain and only 30 days, after all), you can click on the links above or click the “Programs” dropdown up top. Either way, good luck and keep after it so you can launch into P90X2 with confidence and “a leg up”.

In the mean time, I’m Dan Vinton…If you need help, I’m ready and waiting to help push you to your best


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