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P90X2, The Real World & Outside Magazine

The end of pre-order for P90X2 is just a few weeks away. I’ve covered why P90X2 is a big deal, why it will improve your fitness and how it’s different from P90X. This sucker is the real deal with a heaping pile of research and nutritional understanding behind it. If you haven’t, get your pre-order in quick (RIGHT HERE) as the free shipping deal (and the promise you’ll get it before January 1) ends in just a couple weeks.

And if you’re still looking for reasons to jump on the P90X2 bandwagon Outside Magazine just unveiled a short but information packed interview with P90X2 Man Tony Horton. You can read the interview in full right here but these are what really get me pumped:

OUTSIDE: Why release another ­version of the same product?

HORTON: P90X is a combination of a lot of things, but it’s mainly conditioning. P90X2… is performance-based training for athletes. It’s indoor training for the outside world.

I love that line: “Indoor Training for an outside world“. I mean, looking good is great and all but when all was said and done, the real bonuses of having done (and continuing with) P90X were exactly that: how it changed the way I worked and played. Activity doesn’t leave you winded, crouching doesn’t feel like it’s burning up your legs. Movement is easier, climbing stairs is easier, holding my kids was easier. And that’s the best part.

The programs are structured on the idea of muscle confusion. Isn’t that just a smart marketing term? Muscle confusion and periodization training—they’re just variety in fitness. For P90X, I spent a year talking to experts and came away thinking that people struggle because they’re doing these quasi-myopic exercise routines. Weights are great, but they’re just weights. Pilates is phenomenal, but it’s just Pilates. Same with yoga. They’re all great, but you’re missing out on other aspects of fitness if you do just one.

Again, this goes back to the concept of holistic fitness. Being “beefy” or “skinny” is great but if you can’t get out there in life without catching your breath, something’s wrong.

As you read the full article, you’ll see P90X2 isn’t just going after the every man. They’re going after every ONE– specifically, people who aren’t the gym rat or bodybuilding types (Tony references skiing quite a bit). Why? Because with years of development behind it and a foundation of 8 years of P90X and its variations behind it PLUS some of the most cutting edge physical science out there, this program will pay off in spades.

No matter what your level of activity is, P90X2 is raising the bar of its game. Get on board now and see the results sooner for the better.

My P90X2 journey starts January 2, 2012. Join me.

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