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The Details on P90X2!

P90X2 is HERE. If you’re looking to take it all up a notch and be the first to sample P90X2 and all its state-of-the-art, sports-science based, body shredding action this is the place to order. P90X2 is available through or a Team Beachbody Coach like me– right here at How Do I Get Fit.

P90X2 Is FOR REAL (This ain’t no silly class from the 70’s)

P90X2 isn’t just a quick cash grab– after all, the original P90X came out seven years ago. The new p90X2 program is truly a revolution and takes the 90 day cutting edge fitness model and its trademarked Muscle Confusion to a new level of true athleticism with a renewed and redesigned focus on Strength, Balance, Mobility, and explosive Power. Developed by a world-class team of fitness experts lead by Dr. Marcus Elliot and his world-renowned P3 Sports Training complex– proving grounds for professional sports teams including the Utah Jazz, Seattle Mariners and even the famed New Zealand All Blacks. This is the most modern thinking in sports science with a promise to develop YOU into a true athlete.

Highlights include:

  • Periodized Evolution: Two phases– Foundation and Strength– build toward the third phase and ultimate peak: Post-Activation Potentiation or P.A.P. Click the link to see what the P.A.P buzz is all about)
  • Workouts so focused, you’re only training 5 days a week.
  • Functionality: This isn’t just to look ripped– this is real-world fitness.
  • Instability: Instability creates all-around strength. You’ll struggle, then conquer.
  • Form is King: A focus on form allows less injury and more focus.
  • Mobility and Flexibility: You’re not working out to become the Tin Man. P90X2 brings an increased flexibility focus for better performance.
  • Neuro-Integrated Stretching: Stretching is great– firing up neuro-level activity makes it even better.
  • Schedule flexibility: You choose your rest week based on your personal performance

Three Phase Building Blocks

Similar to the original, P90X2 is built in three successive phases– but more than muscle confusion, this one is leading you to the ultimate goal of PAP training in the third phase.

Phase 1 (Foundation):  Promises to build the foundation on which you’ll improve to phase two. P90X2 promises you’ll create more mobility and be far less likely to sustain injury as you move into the next phases through full body incorporation and holistic muscle balance.

Phase 2 (Strength):  Not just traditional muscle and strength building but strength building in ways to give you wider range of motion in your power movements. You think you look good now… you’ll look even better.

Phase 3 (PAP: Post-Activation Potentiation):  It’s power time. Your jumps will launch higher, your run will become faster and your overall movements will become explosive. Promising a sip from the fountain of Youth may be promising too much, but word is you’ll feel like a kid again.

Is P90X2 For You?

P90X2 is for you if you’ve completed Power90, P90X, Insanity, TurboFire, ChaLEAN Extreme or Asylum (P90X2’s “Soul Mate” workout). P90X2 is for you if you’re looking to improve your physical performance. P90X2 is for you if you’re an athlete trying to get back in shape. P90X is NOT for you if you’re injured, like excuses, enjoy being fat, shrink from a challenge, enjoy feeling like crap or like to fake Doctor’s notes.

 What Are The New Workouts?

  • How To Bring IT Again (Introductory Session)
  •  X2 Core: A total core workout with balance balls and an emphasis on stabilization.
  • Plyocide: Short-burst explosive plyo workout (not as deep as Plyo X) so focused it takes 20 minutes to warm up and cool down.
  • X2 Recovery + Mobility: Say “hello” to the foam roller and work out your kinks.
  • X2 Total Body: The name says it all– “all body parts into the pool… the deep end of the pool.”
  • X2 Yoga: Shortened (65 minutes), faster paced Yoga that eliminates the balance moves of Yoga X.
  • Balance + Power: “Crazy, funky moves” you may have never seen before laser-focused on improving your body’s, well… balance and power.
  • Chest & Back + Balance: Push-pull action with pull-ups and pushups on medicine balls and pullups the likes of which you’ve never seen.
  • X2 Shoulders + Arms: New ways to work your shoulders and arms.
  • Base & Back: The new “MOTHER”. It’s what you get when you combine plyometrics with pullups. Barf bag optional.
  • PAP Lower: The crown achievement of your P90X2 progress: Strength moves followed by explosive moves followed by ultimate performance.
  • PAP Upper: The crown achievement of your upper body P90X2 progress: Strength moves followed by explosive moves followed by… ultimate performance.
  • X2 Ab Ripper: New ab-shredding moves that incorporate more than crunch variations– we’re talking total core and stabilization.
  • V Sculpt*: Back and biceps– all pulling action.
  • X2 Chest + Shoulders + Tris*: New sets. New groups. New soreness. New growth.

(*These two workouts are available separately– CLICK HERE TO ORDER)


Ordering from How Do I Get Fit will net you two FREE additional DVD workouts thrown into your package exclusively. And as varied as P90X2 will be, even more variety is some nice icing on that calorie-free cake.

  • 1 On 1: “4 Legs”
  • 1 On 1: “Upper Body Balance”

What Does P90X2 Come With And How Much Does P90X2 Cost?

P90X2 comes in three flavors and all the toys you can handle. It’s also available on both Blu-ray and DVD. For a slightly higher price point, you’ll be sweating in High Definition.

P90X2 Base Kit:


Fitness Guide, Nutrition Guide, Calendar, 12 Workout DVDs/Blu-rays and the Bring IT again introduction

DVD:  119.85

Blu-ray: 142.35

P90X2 Deluxe Kit:

Fitness Guide, Nutrition Guide, Calendar, 14 Workout DVDs, the Bring IT again introduction PLUS 2 8 lb. medicine balls, a stability ball and entry-level foam roller.

DVD:  239.70

Blu-Ray: 284.70

 P90X2 Ultimate Kit:

Fitness Guide, Nutrition Guide, Calendar, 14 Workout DVDs, the Bring IT again introduction PLUS 2 8 lb. medicine balls, a stability ball, Power Stands (for push-ups) and a professional grade knobbed foam roller.

DVD:  359.85

Blu-Ray: 382.05

Fitness Guide:


P90X2 in detail. Explains the phase blocks in detail, exercises and their purpose and all other details P90X2.

Nutrition Guide:

If you weren’t impressed already– this should get you absolutely stoked. The new P90X2 Nutrition Guide offers versatility like crazy with Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free Options. Better yet, it’s not a one size fits all like P90X– this has up to TWENTY SEVEN (27) diet guide variations from entry-level to seasoned athlete. Love it.


You will need a little more equipment this round, which explains the various packages. I go into the potential equipment in detail right here. The laundry list includes: Bands, Chin Up Bar, Dumbbells, Stability Ball, Foam Roller, Chin Up Assist, Medicine Balls, Power Stands, Floor Mat, Yoga Block.

I’ll be here to coach you along as we tear P90X2 up together.
So mark your calendar– P90X2 is going to be HUGE. Stay tuned for more answers to your questions and all the latest updates in regard to P90X2.

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  1. Knowing the actual workouts is fantastic! Now I’m totally pumped, especially now that I know PAP has both an upper and a lower DVD. That is going to be murder!

    What also rocks is that it’s not merely a carbon copy of P90X with new moves…which is what I was hoping it wouldn’t be. The whole shabang is changed! Great post sir!

  2. Daniel R. says:

    It’s about time to PRE-ORDER P90X2!

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