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Get A Preview Of P90X2

If questions I receive on a weekly basis are any indication, P90X2 is the HOTNESS. Not that I couldn’t have told you that, but sometimes a little empirical evidence sweetens the pot, you know? Anyway, pre-order for P90X2 begins in just a few short weeks but delivery isn’t slated for at least 3-4 more months (the vague “Holidays ’11” window as of this writing), which means you can either go ahead and run through another round of P90X OR you could get an exclusive preview to P90X2 through the P90X One on One Series.

Volume III (yes, there’s two volumes previously) just finished up its “Making of P90X2″ workout series and there’s some absolutely fantastic variety and totally new moves in there. For the uninitiated, P90X One on Ones are a single disc series that follows the P90X format (for every P90X disc you have, there’s a “sister” disc in Volumes I-III with new moves and combinations for added variety and muscle confusion) but without the workout pals in the background. It’s a semi-off-the cuff workout that’s not as polished as P90X but delivers just as fully.

I’ve featured and reviewed Plyocide and P.A.P here on HDIGF, but there’s also a whole suite of 12 DVDs that preview P90X2 with everything from core work, to ball balance to new pulls you may see in the program to a new Ab Ripper (which I’m assured you’ll be seeing MANY of the moves in P90X2) that’s a whopping 40 minutes of Ab-burning AWESOMENESS.

I’ve got the whole series and now use it more than the original P90X– it’s awesome, fun and absolute work. P90X2 will obviously change things up a bit and add a few new twists, but if you’re looking for a TRUE P90X2 preview workout, order this series now and knock it out before P90X2 hits. You can cherry pick the workouts you’d like to try for $19.99 a piece OR knock out the whole set for $239.40. To make that price sit a little better, you’ll get a 50% discount off P90X2 if you purchase the whole Volume III series. Obviously, $239.40 is steep, so if you plan on cherry-picking, I’d highly recommend Plyocide, Shoulders & Arms: MC2 (MC2 is the “pre” P90X2 sequel name), P.A.P, ARX2 and Core Synergistics: MC2.

Order the P90X 2 workouts individually here.

Order the P90X 2 workouts in full here.

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  1. Jim says:

    Really looking forward to this. doing Insanity all the way up to the delivery just to be as ready as i can be.

  2. Danv says:

    Jim- I totally recommend buying a one-off on the PAP workout. It’s the GOODS.

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