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P90X2 Advanced Workouts Now Available

P90X2 went on sale a while back but for those of you who ordered the P90X2 Base Kit over the Deluxe Kit or Ultimate Kit, you may have missed two exclusive Advanced workouts:

  • V-Sculpt: What’s up, “glamor muscles”? Sniper-focused on back and biceps, this workout isn’t standard pull up and curl routine. Focused on work from an “athletic stance” incorporating genuine use of bands, weights and new moves like “Roman Curls” (IE– harder) strength gains achieved here will all be applicable to real-world movements for the double win: picturesque form AND function.
  • Chest + Shoulders + Tris: Once again, a step up from the standard. Using the “push” muscles, this routine adds stability balls and medicine balls to continue the introduction of instability for body-shaping awesomeness and the requisite eye-popping results.

As mentioned, if you nabbed the Ultimate or Deluxe kits, these two workouts come standard. If you didn’t want to claim the extra gear that came with the Ultimate and Deluxe packages, individual orders are available for the two Advanced workouts. And as you can see, these aren’t “throw-aways”. They’re legit, add variety and expand the stability training regimen.

As flexible as the P90X2 plan is there’s a place for them in the program. As it turns out, they’re a couple of my favorite workouts… here’s your chance to jump in with them too!

How To Order The Advanced P90X2 Workouts

Order the P90X2 Advanced workouts by clicking the link below or make your order by logging into your account at Your order will come with free shipping and will be shipped with your P90X2 Base Kit Pre-Order so you’ll have all 14 workouts on hand when you’re ready to start. As usual, you won’t be charged until the order ships (DVD Pricing: Retail $59.90; Club $53.91 OR Blu-ray Pricing: $64.90; Club $58.41.)

P90X2 V-Sculpt

P90X2 Chest + Shoulders + Tris



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