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Robert Made P90X A Blowtorch

Robert has an awesome story of determination to change the course of his life with P90X success– something you might expect when you see his killer results. And those results? Brought about by pure determination, discipline, nutrition and a little program we like to call P90X. Robert lost 53 pounds and continues to look for ways to challenge, push and build off his success.

He’ll tell you it wasn’t easy but he’ll also tell you it was worth it and then some:

Robert’s P90X Story

“I couldn’t believe it yet is was my own reflection looking back at me in the mirror. I was 15 years old and I weighed 280lbs. I struggled most of my life with my weight looking at food for comfort. I would loose weight, but always partially gained it back.

When I was 17, I weighed 200lbs and my friend told me about P90X. I never really committed myself to the program, but in April of 2012 I finally said, “Bring It”. I weighed 220 lbs and by the time I finished the program I weighed 173lbs.

Now that I’ve completed P90X I can’t stop. I keep pressing forward and pushing my limits. Doing the program wasn’t enough for me so I decided to push it to the limit. The first month I started running 5 miles as a warm up and then doing P90X. By the third month I was running 11-15 miles as a warm up and completely demolishing the X.”

What’s The Secret To Results Like Yours?

“I kept pressing play. It’s that simple. All you got to do is show up and in the end you won’t believe your eyes. The thing that keeps me motivated to keep moving forward and never looking back is that high you get when you accomplish something. It’s better than any drug. Better than any alcohol drink in the market. It’s when your muscle is pumping and you feel like you’re about to collapse but you do that extra rep that leads you to burn out. That’s the high that gives me joy. Knowing that I just ran 15 miles as a warm up and I still have energy in the end to keep going.

It’s not just a “get fit quick” scheme. It’s a revolution.”

What Advice Do You Have Those Thinking About P90X?

“People need to stop saying “oh tomorrow” or “the next day”. Next thing you know months pass. Maybe even years and you’re still on the coach just wasting away probably watching the same infomercial saying to yourself, “That guy did it. She did it” and asking the question, “Why can’t I do it”?

It’s simple, just show up and don’t look back. A lot of people quit because they don’t see the results in a week or a month and just before you’re actually going to see amazing results and break barriers, people throw in the towel. It’s not going to be easy but no one that has dedicated themselves to fitness has ever regretted it. So what do you have to lose? Nothing. You have everything to gain.

Right now you may be sitting at the coach wasting away, watching life pass you by and not enjoying life. Make the commitment to a good life. To a better life. The only workout you regret is the workout you never did.”

What’s Next With P90X?

“P90X(fitness) helps you mold your body to achieve something you never thought possible.  There is no excuse. You can’t spend 1 hour a day out of 24 hours to get a workout. It’s not hard! Break barriers and you will finally enjoy an amazing life. You will start living. Bring on P90X2, Insanity, Body Beast etc. The best is yet to come.

Fight for a Good Life. A Better Life!”

Any Final Thoughts?

“A lot of people ask the question “How do I get fit?” Coach Dan Vinton has supplied the tools on this site for people to answer that question. I’m here to answer that question in one word: Sacrifice. What are you willing to do to better yourself? 

Mike Dolce says it best: “Cut out the fat”. When he says that he not only means cut out the fat of your refrigerator. It’s implying to cut of the fat in your life. All that surrounds you. Let go of all the things that are dragging you down. Whether its food or people. Maybe it’s both.

So what are you waiting for? Cut out the fat.”

As you can tell, Robert is one  intense, focused and inspiring dude– an intensity and focus that’s paid off big time. Very proud of Robert, his focus, his inspiration and his continued efforts to keep after it and continue breaking the mold.

Robert crushed it and isn’t finished yet. For questions as you move through P90X, feel free to email me here or Even better, I’m all yours when you make me your free Beachbody Coach right here. 

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