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P90X Zombies & The Today Show

This morning, P90X creator, spokesman and all-around older-guy-way-stronger-than-you-man Tony Horton made an appearance on the Today Show and pretty much kicked the participants trash (host included) in under 30 seconds. I know the feeling- you want to look like you can hang but you don’t want to come off as embarrassed, so you kind of make excuses and try to look “pffffft… I could do this all day long while mowing the lawn, doing calculus AND cooking a four-course meal” tough on the outside when you’re really crying “FOR THE LOVE OF MAPLE SYRUP, PLEASE MAKE IT STOP” on the inside.

You’ll see what I mean when you watch the host below but that’s beside the point. This morning Tony Horton coined the Term P90X Zombies. And yeah, Zombie kind of infers “brainless and unthinking” not to mention “gross and decomposing” but I kind of took that and polished it up as a point of pride. Mostly because Tony followed it up with “Because it Works” and I’m happy to be “obsessed” with anything that works– especially when it pays off in spades with self-confidence, health and real-world life improvements. With those benefits, I hope everyone becomes obsessed (not to the point of “cult”, mind you) with P90X as well.

Check out Tony putting the “hurt-so-good” on below:

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All said– remember, this segment may be touted as “Washboard abs just a kick, crunch away” but that’s kind of “froofy”. It’s an oversimplification and honestly one of the problems with the way the country sees fitness. Just move around, kick and smile and bam- washboard abs in no time. Fact is, washboard abs aren’t simply a “kick,crunch” away. They’re a “committed and fulfilling change to eating right and working at it every day” away. Washboard abs take real work in both diet and exercise– but it’s work worth doing and P90X, if followed and maintained, will make it happen. This Zombie proves it— and you can be a smiling, happy and healthy zombie too. As a Beachbody Coach I’m happy to help

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  1. Jim says:

    If washboard abs we’re that easy, beer bellies would be extinct. Your tight about being committed and you’ll get there though Dan. Guy’s like you and Tony can show you the path, but you still have to do the work yourself. I noticed Al Roker waited until the exercises were about done before he came over:)

  2. Matt Edwards says:

    Changing lives all across this great nation of ours!

  3. Karen says:

    I was a little uncomfortable watching that segment… the hosts looked awkward… but Tony was his usual witty, fit self! Proud of him for the “because it works” statement! Well put article! Love me some P90X!

  4. Leland says:

    I’m a P90X Zombie!

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