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P90X Certified: Coach Dan and HDIGF are Official

This last weekend I was lucky enough to be one of the first 50 people in the nation (the world, even) to receive official P90X Certification. We spent the weekend heads down in books learning about energy systems, proper movement, muscles, bones and how P90X uses all these science-y/biological things to kick your fitness in the collective booty and get your body up to swimsuit quality. We demonstrated, were demonstrated to, taught, were taught, worked out (heavily) and learned all things P90X before being tested with both a written and practical exam. I loved every minute of it.

So last night I received my notice:

“The P90X Certification Team is pleased to announce that you have passed the P90X Certification written and practical exam! Congratulations on being one of the first to become P90X Certified.”

So What Does P90X Certification Mean, Exactly?

Beyond the fact I can now instruct and teach P90X in gyms, in groups and in a one on one setting with Beachbody’s blessing and recognition as a P90X Professional. What’s even better (as far as this kid is concerned) is the depth of the program covered– the micro-detail of how P90X works from a sports-science perspective, the wide range of adaptability when it comes to P90X, how to train for customized goals, when and why to to apply the various tracks (Classic, Lean and Doubles) and how/why the body responds to it all through weeks and months. The certification was basically diving headfirst into the scientific and nutritional method behind the P90X madness with the marketing hype stripped away and the nuts and bolts exposed. And man, they’re beautiful nuts and bolts.

So How Does P90X Certification Help YOU?

As someone who’s seen P90X change their life, I can now go further than that in giving 100% qualified and certified instruction based on your goals with coaching that isn’t just “best practice”– but coaching that’s qualified, deeper, better quality and 100% certified.

If you’ve got a fitness base (or are willing to adapt to one), P90X will take you to the next level and then some. And now with P90X Certification, I can help you get there even better than before.


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