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P90X 90 Day Transformation: “Coach” Dan

Hey, it’s me! Yeah, I’ve been reeeeeally slow to post up my 90 day pics (considering my 90 day –part II–was almost 3 months ago), but as surprising as it may be, I’m a little “shy” in the shirtless picture department. Still, Everyone’s asked if I have my updated pictures and I’ve finally got around to getting them in a postable format.

Confessional: I kinda wish I hadn’t made faces that ended up looking like I was desperately trying to model underpants or try a totally failed version of “Blue Steel”/”The Smolder” in the pic on the right.  It’s actually a look of total discomfort and “Aw, Ma… do I hafta stand here in my underwear?” but I don’t think it translates to anything but “douche”. Anyway, here you go– me unedited, I guess.

So this is what P90X did for me in 90 days and almost three months later the results only get better with repeated application and time. I can’t say enough about P90X. The program works. If you apply yourself, dedicate yourself and go for broke on the nutrition, your hard work will pay off. I know it because I’m living it and I know YOU can know it the same way. As always, I’m here to help and motivate you on your way to changing the way you feel, feel about yourself and feel about life in general.

Keep rockin’ it!!


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  1. Brandon says:

    So I’m getting back into P90X again, however I always see people that have gotten huge and ripped kinda like you in way of having a nice chest that all guys want. I’m not fat by any means I weight 176lbs was in Army for 4 years worked hard for my body then but now I just am not motivated because I use bands and just do pushups with the bars and a backpack here and there. So what weights did you use if any and what was your equipment? Thanks!

  2. Dan says:

    Hey Brandon-

    Thanks for the question. My chest has always been an area easy to develop for me but I didn’t do anything outside of pushups. The trick was intensity, then backpack and proper form and fat loss by way of nutrition. I never used any weights beyond that called for in the p90x program. How far have you made it into the program?

  3. Javier says:

    Hey! I want to start P90X but i don’t know if I should do it to get ripped or to get bigger. Wich method did you used? And did you drink any kind of protein shakes or anything else to get to your goal?

    • Danv says:

      Hey Javier!

      Thanks for touching base– you can definitely use P90X to both get ripped AND get bigger. I used P90X “Classic” to lose weight and get ripped first, then I added a mass building routine to get bigger (check out the mass building guide here). As for shakes and supplements, I used Shakeology and some whey protein. You can really lock this in with the right nutrition– that’s going to be key. What is your ultimate goal, Javier?

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