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Ken S. Took P90X And Crushed It

Since we’re a team of like-minded folks out to improve both our outlook on life and our fit in a swimsuit, I wanted to keep everyone updated on others progress and successes. Meet Ken S.

Like many of us, Ken was in it to win it– fit and focused on staying that way. As the years moved on, life got in the way and that focus was lost… until Ken found P90X and went on to absolutely OWN IT. There’s no question Ken’s results are an infomercial worthy, jaw-dropping success. Ken absolutely rocked it with P90X and is now jumping into P90X2 to “Go Pro” with his Real-World Results and mirror pic inspiring success.

After you marvel at his transformation, check out Ken’s story in his own words:

“I was very fit and strong before marriage. I started wrestling at 4 years old and up through college at PennState. This taught me rapid weight loss…and rapid gain also. After “retiring” from wrestling I lifted heavy and bulked up for several years. However, after getting married and having 2 kids I got away from going to the gym and started getting fat. All social events revolved around eating.

Initially it didnt seem like I had slipped that far, as the mirror can be deceptive and the scale too, as hard earned muscle weight is exchanged for fat. But the pictures I saw of myself were no lie. At 5’11” I was pushing 225 and 38″ pants. At a party a friend of my wife said he just completed P90X and got me interested. He gave me a subtle doubting look that actually served as my inspiration not to quit. I imagined him betting I’d give up, this drove me until I got through the first month and fell in love with it on my own and was hooked.

So by 90 days I dropped to just under 170lbs and went from 1 pull up to 20 (somedays). To manage diet, I use the general idea from the nutrition guide. I aim for 2000cals/day with no greater than 1.5/1 carb/prot ratio. I notice if I can have equal or fewer carbs than protein in a day, I wake up feeling really lean and ripped.”

Keep rockin’ it, Ken!

Got progress you’d like to share with the team? Send me your updates ( coachdan74 @ Truth be told, it’s great for an ego boost and accountability.   

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  1. KEN KEN KEN!!! You are killing it brother and making the Barbie Ken super jealous!! WOO WOO!!

  2. Coach Dan V. says:

    Haha! I know, right? Barbie Ken has been crying himself to sleep for months now.

  3. Web N. Asty says:

    Outstanding Ken!!! You are the kind of success story that Tony Horton had in mind for P90X!

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