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Ken Amps P90X2 Results For a Wednesday #WIN

If there’s one thing about the P90X and P90X2 fitness training programs, it’s that after a while they become less “90X” and more “LifestyleX”… and that’s a good thing. Those who’ve been doing the program for a while know the “P90X’s” not only whip you into shape and chisel you into looking great, they also teach you the ins and outs of nutrition, how your body responds to it and in the process, creates a lifestyle that’s actually sustainable. P90X and P90X2 aren’t crash diets and gimmicks– they’re a better way of life.

And in that spirit, I’d like to give a big spotlight to Ken S. You remember Ken: he Crushed P90X after packing on pounds and realizing it was time for a change. He’s now a regular in Fit Spot! and after his P90X success, moved on to P90X2. And in so doing, continued to rack up inspirational change and refinement.

Ken recently returned from a Beach trip and sent me this picture of how P90X2 and some continued dedication further refined some pretty legendary results and made them even more impressive:

I am really proud of my ” beach body” and wanted to show some one. I haven’t really seen a pic of myself in awhile and I’m happy with what I see. Not bad for 45 right?

KA-POW! As a self-professed “Former Pudgy Guy”, there’s no question Ken organically moved beyond the “90” in P90X and continues to live a lifestyle that’s rewarding both at the beach and in health– adding mass, further refining his results and even better, feeling awesome about his progress.

Ken rocked it, he continues to rock it and you can too. As Ken proves, you transformation is a journey. Keep at it and you’ll succeed.

Beginning your P90X2 journey? Have questions? Feel free to email me here or at or sign up for real-world support right here . Either way, you got this! 

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  1. Ken Ken Ken I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you are making the Barbie Ken extremely jealous! You look A M A Z I N G!!! Wow wow wow, nice job!

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