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Get P90X Fit… Anywhere!

This last weekend, Coach MC participated in a half marathon through the red-cliff, watch-out-you-don’t-lose-a-hand canyons and of Moab, Utah. While there we took in the sites and went on a few beginner hikes.

Getting fit (and staying that way!!) through Beachbody programs like P90X and Insanity doesn’t always have to be in the basement or living room of your home. Like I mentioned in the previous post (Insanity and P90X Helped Us Run 198 Miles), these programs can get you ready for just about anything requiring physicality- and just because you’re outside the walls of your home doesn’t mean you have to slow down or take it easy… heck– you probably won’t want to!

In fact, you can pretty much take P90X anywhere…


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