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Built Like A Tank: Chase’s P90X Success

Chase had it good. Ex Football player. Ex Rugby player. Ex Army. Built like the tanks he drove in the Armored Cav, Chase never had much trouble staying fit and keeping the pounds at bay. Chase was Bringing It all day every!

Of course, life happens and by his 30s, Chase was dealing with desk jobs and 100% dedication to a new family. When Chase hit 290, he looked at a picture of himself and his family and realized he was at a crossroad: get fit and be around or get bigger and take an early exit. With two beautiful children diagnosed with Downs Syndrome, this family picture changed Chase’s course:

“I decided I wanted to live to see the kids grow.  I decided to get my fat ass off the couch.  So I bought an elliptical for the house and started back on track. I went from 290 and got down to 236! But then I started to plateau and creeped back up to 253. “

The P90X Difference

After hitting the elliptical wall, Chase needed something different. Inspired by a supportive wife, he checked into “The X”.

“I had heard about P90X and of course the infomercials, and did a little more research and the training and science seemed sound, even though I was a little wary of the hype. Decided to commit and bought the DVDs.”

The rest is history. Chase dialed in his nutrition, ate clean 100% and pushed play every single day. He even got a new tattoo along the way.

“I notched my belt 2 times tighter and almost 3, so expect that and have an aspirational belt handy to replace when needed! I also found my wedding band to start feeling loose and had to be careful to not let it fling off my finger. At the conclusion of Round 1, I am now seriously thinking I need to resize my ring!  I also have had to invest in new clothes! I had XX-Large tshirts and am now wearing XL and probably could wear a Large! And my business attire… I now have an appointment with a tailor as I need all new suits.  Also new dress shirts as my neck size dropped at least an inch!  I even felt my shoes looser on my feet. Really crazy stuff that I really didn’t expect when going into the program.”


UPDATE: Full Circle

Chase has since completed ANOTHER round of P90X where he lost another 1/2″ off his waist size. He also had a physical… and here’s the results:

“So [the] Doc called with blood and lab results from my physical check-up. Everything normal and looking good!  Yay P90X and Shakeology! Compared to my checkup when I was 290+ and a couch potato and pre-diabetic, it’s nice to be healthy and good outlook of living longer. “

As if that wasn’t enough, Chase’s success also introduced him to the man himself: Tony Horton.

Chase isn’t one to let his success go by the wayside. He’s been more than willing to share and wanted anyone and everyone who could benefit from his success to have it. As a result, he wrote up a detailed accounting of his journey. Chase… you rock, Sir!

Chase’s Experience & Lessons Learned

Trust the Program

In the early weeks it’s hard to just trust the routines and the nutrition. We all want quick fixes and instant gratification, but the program really is designed for 90 days.  I read and had my Coach tell me that it was in the 50-90 day range that results really start showing.  Sure enough…. while I saw some results early it was really in the 60-90 day range that I notched the belt tighter and started to see cool progress in the mirror. I started to see veins in my arms and legs without a workout pump, and I think I see some abs starting to appear! And really started to see my face turn less puffy and more angular and cheekbones and jawline in the mirror. Very cool stuff and worth all the hard work.

Measure Everything

Three broad categories – your reps, yourself and your food!  I made a folder and printed out the P90X worksheets. It really is important to log each time the reps and weights, etc. it helped me with setting up what dumbbells I needed, but also what was the ONE MORE REP I needed to hit.  As to nutrition, you really do have to measure things on a food scale and measurement cups, at least until you get good experience and a handle of how much food you’re looking at.  I found my assumptions to be way off, either too high or too low, as to portions and weight. A good digital food scale doesn’t cost much, and once you get in the habit, it’s not a burden.  I found measuring to be essential to sticking within portion plan and calorie amounts. I used the TeamBeachBody online meal tracker and found it pretty easy and I think it was accurate. I can confirm it’s essential to track and measure the nutrition side of things.

Eat Good Things!

Follow the nutrition guide! I like the portion approach and I found the selection of foods in the macro categories to be pretty decent and realistic for your average person. In the beginning I had a fairly diverse menu under the portion approach, but by day 40’ish, I pretty much had a few go-to menus as it was just easier to shop and prepare.

Also, prior to P90X I was a Diet Coke fanatic. I would consume anywhere from 3-6 Diet Cokes daily! I went cold turkey and it was hard for about 4 days with withdrawal headaches and just habits. But I got past it and have only had water for 90 days. I brought a water bottle to work and joined the office water club. I thought I’d really miss the caffeine, but I think eating clean and once I started into the program, I really didn’t feel fatigued.


I gave Shakeology a try, and it was great! First of all it’s easy to make, so for breakfast it was easier to make than trying to cook eggs and the like. Secondly, it tastes great and it really did give me the nutrition I needed and really cleaned up my system. It also kept me sane and eliminated any sugar cravings. I use the chocolate Shakeology and add some natural peanut butter and 1% milk and I’m a big fan of adding lots of ice. It’s a Reese’s peanut butter tasting smoothy! Every morning!  About halfway through the program, I started having Shakeology for my afternoon snack too. Again, it’s good and it’s easy to make, and so far I haven’t seen any issues as it still is within my portions and calorie amounts.

I also used the Recovery Formula. A big lesson learned was that I really didn’t need the sugar and the recovery formula after every routine! On the advice of my coach, about mid way I shifted to only using the Recovery Formula after my intense resistance weight training days.  But as a result I had to add more calories on those days that I wasn’t having a recovery drink.  Also I started to take an Omega-3 supplement daily along with a multivitamin.

Overall, I think supplements helped my general health and nutrition, and definitely less sore than I recall from earlier weight lifting experiences. While it might be more in the Eat category and not a supplement, I also used a lot of protein bars during Round 1. They were convenient, portable, and I needed to help hit that 2700 calorie amount.  I started with the P90X protein bars, but they do have a bit of sugar and fairly high calories, but do have lots of protein and tasted good (sugar!). But I did give Quest all natural protein bars a try after hearing about them from my team and Coach. I found them to taste pretty good, and they were better ingredients and no sugar and additives, and still lots of protein, but also about 100 calories lower than the P90X bars. I’ve stuck with Quest bars and don’t plan to change at this point.


I started the program as a lone wolf… but as I got into the program, I did have a few questions and just some sanity checks as I wasn’t fully into the “trust the program” mode.  I happened to come across from a Google search when I was looking for information on “when will I see results”. Well, I loved the website and blog info, and figured what the heck, I’ll email this guy and this “coach”. I really started out with a few questions and no intention on being sociable. But I found that I really did start feeling more motivated and felt a sense of accountability from not only my Coach, but from others on the virtual team.  So I think being part of a team is a good thing and will help keep you going, and not just for 90 days.  My team and coach have members doing all sorts of different programs beyond P90X, which is great info. Also, I found it helpful to know others were experiencing the same challenges and successes and I wasn’t alone.  Also, helped me just relax and commit and just follow the program, as others were seeing results that were ahead of me or had completed already.

Head Games – Just Keep Pushing Play!

I heard that for the first time, and thought “whatever!” But over a 90 day program I had good days and bad days. Some days I was tired from work and the kids and just wanted to sit on the couch. But I knew that just putting on my workout shoes and starting up the DVD player that I’d be done in an hour and feel a lot better. It really is in the head and even those bad days I might not have banged out an awesome workout, but I powered through and then did better the next time. I didn’t beat myself up for having a bad day, but I didn’t quit.  I also was lucky to not get hit with any sniffles or flu bugs, since momentum and being past the first 3 weeks I didn’t want to stop and have wasted the time.  Looking back, it really was about 3 weeks into the program that I knew I wanted to make 90 days no matter what!

What’s Next

I saw big results and progress in Round 1, but I’m still not where I know I can be, so I’m doing a Round 2 of P90X.  And a big lesson I’ve learned is that at least for me and my body type, I have to do resistance and weight training. Doing just cardio only goes so far for me and I plateau and even fall back.  My body and aging metabolism needs muscle mass in conjunction with cardio.  So P90X has been a perfect fit for me and also able to do at home.

Chase also registered for Tough Mudder in 2013 and plans on kicking off P90X2 right after P90X Round II.

Last Thoughts

I started P90X with a healthy dose of skepticism, especially that Yoga stuff. But I just followed orders and the schedule, and I’ve found over the weeks and months that I actually like YogaX.  You’d never have found me saying that 90 days ago.  But… I still hate that YogaX is 90 minutes! Might have to do P90X2 just to get the 60 minute yoga routine!

Cheers and Keep Pushing Play!

Chase rocked it and continues to do so! For questions as you move through P90X, feel free to email me here or Even better, I’m all yours when you make me your free Beachbody Coach right here. 

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