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Aaron’s P90X Progress at Day 60

30 some-odd Days ago we posted up Aaron’s 30 Day P90X Progress pictures. 30 some-odd days later and despite a shoulder injury–which he scolded and sent to its room without any dinner– Aaron pressed on and at Day 60 his dedication is still being rewarded.

Aaron’s face continues to thin out, his stomach is still waving the white flag and making a full retreat while his arms (bicep/tricep power!) and chest are roaring to the forefront. And what’s this!? Is that the beginning of upper abdominal muscle definition we’re seeing? It is indeed.

I’ve thrown out a challenge to Aaron to give his chest rug a little trim. Not to say chest rugs aren’t awesome but to show off and highlight some more of his hard work. Maybe we’ll see that when he reaches his 90 day goal. If not, it’s cool– Aaron is making progress week over week, staying accountable and is seeing the results both in the mirror and in his quality of life… and that’s what we care about!

In the mean time, Aaron did pick up free weights (he’s been a resistance band man up to now) and is laser-focused on not just weight loss but goosing some muscle growth in his last 30 days.

Nice job, Aaron P.!

Got progress you’d like to share with the team? Send me your updates ( coachdan74 @ Truth be told, it’s great for an ego boost and accountability.  

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  1. Mari-Catherine says:

    Wow you look AWESOME!! Check out your beefy arms…nice job Aaron keep up the good work. I’m super excited to see day 90…BRING IT BABY!!

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