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Aaron’s P90X Progress At Day 30

Since we’re a team of like-minded folks out to improve both our outlook on life and our fit in a swimsuit, I wanted to keep everyone updated on other’s progress and successes.

Say hello to Aaron.

Aaron kicked off his P90X journey about a month ago and after just 30 days, the dude is making some AWESOME progress. Just by looking at his Day 0 and Day 30 pics, you can see his stomach is in full retreat, his face has lost weight, his arms are forming up, the subcutaneous weight being held in his back is screaming for mercy and his posture is looking great! While it’s only been 30 days, that’s a pretty big difference and if I may say so, the dude looks about five years younger.

By day 90, Aaron may be auditioning for the cover of Men’s Health and Fitness: Beard Edition.

Keep bringin’ it Aaron!

Got progress you’d like to share with the team? Send me your updates ( coachdan74 @ Truth be told, it’s great for an ego boost and accountability.  

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  1. Mari-Catherine says:

    Holy Poop Aaron you look AWESOME!!! Keep it up! Can’t wait to see day 60..90…wooo baby!

  2. Aaron says:

    I can fit into my old jeans again.

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