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A Bipartisan Congress Agrees- P90X Works

So I’ve learned mixing it up with politics in public discourse among friends is a short road to long and divisive battles and in the “silly season” going on right now with the 2012 election, that advice couldn’t be more useful. So don’t consider this post a break in that form by any means. On the contrary, consider it the Great Uniter in the form of… P90X:  The program that brung me and the program that’s changing lives across this great nation of ours.

If you’re remotely plugged into the news, there’s a lot of hullabaloo being made about RepublicanVP Candidate Paul Ryan’s fitness regime of choice. That is, of course, P90X (AND Insanity). But it should be known Ryan began the workouts with Bart Stupak, a Democrat (now retired from Congress).

See? P90X is proof Beltway insiders CAN get along and is one of the few issues politicians are willing to cross aisles on. There’s hope yet!

Recently, P90X creator Tony Horton was featured on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight. He had a few things to say about Congressional P90X-itudel in this interesting (and entertaining) clip:

So there you have it. Politics aside, P90X is awesome. It’s awesome because it works and it’s awesome because no matter your political affiliation, P90X goes beyond partisanship, cutting through the pork barrel fat of your excuses and delivering results to get you in fighting shape.

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