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5 Reasons To Hate P90X

I’m not usually big on sarcasm but I’m caving today. So let’s get right to it: there’s lots of reasons to hate P90X (or any other Beachbody program). Granted, none of them are any good and come from the land of limp excuses and tear-stained pillows of failure but man, hatin’ is fun and if you’re in the hatin’ mood (this is the internet, after all) I’ve got a few reasons to lay it on thick for P90X. Enjoy.

P90X Is Tough.

And really, between you and me, shouldn’t everything worth anything in life be easy? If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it… which might be why so many of us have become so complacent in our eating and why so many people (myself once included) turn into jiggling, puffy shadows of our former selves. And that’s cool because man, hard is overrated. I mean, why study for tests. Or learn. Or go to school. Or land on the moon. Why push yourself when sitting on the couch beats effort on a scale of 9 potato chip bags out of 10? Why think about what you’re putting in your mouth when eating from a drive-thru takes all the thinking and “doing” out of our every day? Because hard is for the birds, that’s why. And if we follow that logic through, well… there’s P90X.

P90X Takes Some Sacrifice.

Getting up to work out is something you haven’t done in a long time rough. I mean, that’s an hour of sleep and with a DVR full of TV shows to watch– no way there’s time to go to bed early. And on top of that, who wants to work out an hour a day? Or give up Mountain Dew? Or the daily Frappusugarbombacino ? Or the ease of picking up the phone and ordering take-out? No one, that’s who. People getting up an hour early to work out is nothing but a pack of lies. Just like unicorns, leprechauns and infomercials about men and women young and old getting ripped in 90 days. It can’t be done!

P90X Doesn’t Have The Word “Gym” In It.

Anyone who goes to the gym knows those places have legendary powers of fat loss. Just a sign-up alone drops a couple pounds and hitting the treadmill and pushing indiscriminate  iron is a free pass to Skinnyville USA. That muscle-bound dude over there? All gym time. That toned lady over here? She just leaned against the treadmill while eyeballing the weight rack and bam. Transformation. Never mind the only changes you see in so many gym-goers year in and out are their outfit styles. The gym is where it’s at.

P90X Hurts My Fat’s Feelings.

Fat has feelings too. Well, not really but if we were to personalize it, when you punish fat or use it up to fuel your new body, that could really put a damper on fat’s day.  Fat coddles us, lets us go shopping for new clothes as we grow out of the old. It lets us wear clothes three sizes to big so no one notices our pooch and moobs. It gently cradles our organs and blood vessels… it’s nothing but a big softie, really. Why be so mean as to hurt its feelings with a program like P90X?

A Plan Is For Suckers.

That’s right. Moving and eating kinda sorta what you want without any kind of goal is the life. It’s what got us here today and it’s what will get us to the same comfort zone tomorrow, next month and next year. Having a plan laid out that teaches you how to eat, what to eat, how to work out in a way that changes your body and belief in yourself is craziness. It’s like following GPS. Pfffffft. You know how many people get lost using those each year? Plenty. You’re following your own path and its lead you to success. Keep on keepin’ on!

OK, all those reasons to hate P90X are lame because let’s face it– P90X works and really, the only reason to hate on it is if you like things broke. If you’re pretty sure hatin’ on P90X is lame and it’s about time to embrace a program that puts you in the drivers seat, gets results and punches excuses where they count, I’ve got you covered. Sign up with me for free coaching, support and virtual high fives right here


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