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P90X Plyocide Reviewed

For all the P90Xers out there who’ve gone through the program multiple times and might not be able to stand another one-arm pushup or have developed an immunity to P90X Plyometrics, the P90X One one One series has upped the ante: say hello to Plyocide.

As Beachbody and Tony Horton gear up for the next P90X (P90X:MC2), they’re introducing and testing various workouts through the latest One on One Series; Volume 3. If you’re not familiar with these DVDs, they’re actually pretty fun and informal as Tony works out alone with a cameraman in his home gym. The cameraman (Mason Bendewald– the director of P90X) can get a little too chatty/chummy sometimes, but the workouts are great and add a ton of variety to the P90X series.

The latest DVD, as mentioned, is Plyocide. In short, I love it. Lots of fun, lots of variety and a very different plyo style than the Plyometrics of P90X. Instead of deep jumps and high lifts, this plyo workout focuses on short, explosive movement– stuff that doesn’t have the deep “I-dunno-if-I-can-finish-this” moves of Plyometrics X.

The Workout:

At a little over an hour, the workout itself  feels surprisingly short at only 20 moves– and there’s what feels like a metric ton of rest between every exercise. I’ve begun skipping through the chatty rest sessions to keep my heart rate up, but where I thought the moves were definitely less intense than Plyo X, I still came away having burned over 800 calories in an hour. And the next day?


The Breakdown:

  • Rope Jumps – Doubles
  • Jack-in-the-Box Knee Tucks
  • Top Tap 360
  • Killer Catherine Lunges w/Medicine Ball
  • Wide Leg Tip-toe Squats
  • Run Jump Chair
  • Warrior 3 Lunges
  • Think Drills
  • Depth Charges
  • Super Skater KicksRope Jumps – Singles
  • Run Ups
  • Football Hero (Go-Set-Jump)
  • Jump – Tap – Jump
  • Frog Burpee Hops
  • Half Pipe Spins
  • Weighted Quick Jumps
  • Two Lunge Box Jumps
  • Direction Iso Lunge
  • Medicine Ball “Jump Press”

The Equipment:

The workout does require a few extra pieces of equipment as Tony uses a medicine ball, a cardboard box and a stool. Not a big deal as you can easily sub a dumbbell for the medicine ball and a sturdy chair or step for the stool.

The Wrap-up:

Despite its long gaps, I really, really enjoyed Plyocide. The moves kept my heart rate high and the new variety kept things interesting and fun. If you’re looking for a leg/plyo substitution in your P90X lineup, this sucker is it. Buy it here for $19.95. 

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