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P90X Certified Challenge Groups

What can’t I say about P90X? It’s the program that “brung me”– a  top to bottom, turn key solution for not only getting fit, but getting ripped and truly athletically elite. It’s tough, its effective and with success stories aplenty and an almost 10 year history to hang its hat on, there’s no doubt if you’re looking to get fit with no questions and a program that truly delivers on its promises in not only changing your body but changing your life…. P90X delivers in bucketloads of sweat and determination.

What Is A P90X Challenge Group?

A P90X Challenge group is a private group of people from all over the country who are committed to finishing P90X in 90 days. It’s about not just “wanting” to do P90X, it’s about getting some “skin in the game” and making a commitment by joining up with a team of people (nearby or across country– it doesn’t matter) on Facebook every day for the 90 day program– a team of people who will quickly become your friends and support committed to using the same supplements, staying accountable to each other and having me (Coach Dan) as their coach during the entire 90 days.

The Challenge Group boils down to this: There’s strength in numbers. There’s INCREASED motivation with others involved, encouraging and having your back.

“…this group was exactly what I needed. The level of support that was given was great. EVERYONE in the group was as motivated to be successful… With the amount of support from this group, and the way it made you feel so accountable for your diet and work out, there was no way to not be 100% committed.”

If you’ve EVER considered P90X, now is the time to do it– not only with a P90X Challenge Group but with the added bonus of a P90X Certified Professional- Dan Vinton (P90X Certified Coach #36). We’re not going to simply “do” P90X. We’re going to get you infomercial ready results with the in-depth know-how that goes beyond the program and straight to your personal goals.

Now’s the time. Now’s the opportunity. It’s time to BRING IT with P90X, nutrition and Certified Support:

Certified P90X Challenge Group Requirements

You’re serious about the challenge. I’m serious about helping you nail your results. Here’s the details on how to get in:

  1. I must be your official Beachbody Coach. This is the easy part– especially if I’m already your Coach. If I’m not your coach, you can sign up here for all the free, legit coaching you can handle. If you want to make a coach switch and join our team, you can make that happen right here.
  2. You must order P90X at least 2 weeks before the start date. Shipping usually takes 7 days, so the earlier you jump on it, the better. Purchasing P90X and getting it early will allow you time to review the guide, ask questions and run off your nutritional checklist as well as get to know some of your fellow Challenge Team Members. I will not accept boot-legged or borrowed copies. If you’re serious about your P90X challenge, you’ll know you’re investing in yourself and with that, have more skin in the game and better motivation to finish.
  3. I highly recommend Shakeology with Auto-Ship. Here’s why: one of the key components of the P90X challenge is nutrition- something Shakeology legitimately delivers in spades in a way you’ve probably never eaten in your life. It takes the guesswork out of one meal a day and provides ready convenience to fuel your nutrition. If you aren’t willing to jump in with Shakeology, let’s talk. I recommend it because it makes a difference and it works like gangbusters in a program like P90X. The best way to go ALL IN on your journey is to invest in yourself… and Shakeology does just that by providing whole food based nutrition that’s easy, convenient and awesome tasting. You can order Shakeology (in Chocolate, Greenberry, Tropical Vegan and Chocolate Vegan) right here OR invest in a Challenge pack and save some money. (See Below)
  4. You must let me know through email at that you want in on this Certified P90X Challenge Group.
  5. BONUS: Want to kick your family and friends into gear as well? Up the ante and let’s get your closest circle in on the Challenge Group as well.

P90X Ordering Options

P90X is all about choices- something that’s reflected in the ordering options available with it. As P90X DOES require equipment (resistance bands at minimum- dumbbells and a pull up bar for best results) and has a few specific supplements, there’s packages built around these aspects or, if you’ve already got the relevant equipment, you can simply order the Base Kit.

The Package Options are available as follows or you can read about them in full detail here. As a note, ordering through How Do I Get Fit nets you a FREE bonus workout: Lucky 7. It’s a killer. On to the kit options:

P90X Extreme Training System

  • ($119.85– Club Members take 10% off. Coaches take 25% off*)
  • No supplements or equipment, just the workout DVDs
  • BONUS DVDs: Ordered through, you’ll also receive two bonus workout DVDs including a shorter Yoga.

P90X Deluxe Kit

  • ($269.70– Club Members take 10% off. Coaches take 25% off* to make it $202.27)
  • Includes heavy duty door mounted pull up bar
  • Includes Heavy Duty bands for P90X on the road (or in lieu of dumbbells)
  • Includes the Pull Up Assist
  • Includes a 30 day supply of Results & Recovery Formula
  • BONUS DVDs: Ordered through, you’ll also receive two bonus workout DVDs including a shorter Yoga.

P90X Challenge Pack

($205.00 and Free Shipping– Bundles with Shakeology, this saves you $50 +)

  • Includes all P90X workout DVDs
  • Includes a 30 day supply of Shakeology + Free Auto Ship
  • ALSO includes 30 day Free Club membership (and meal planner)
  • Free Shipping (supplements ship automatically every month– you can cancel at any time with a call to 1-800-470-7870).
  • BONUS DVDs: Ordered through, you’ll also receive two bonus workout DVDs including a shorter Yoga.

* If you like the idea of 25% off this and future orders or becoming a Coach to lead your own challenge groups, read more here.

The Certified P90X Challenge…

Remember- don’t delay this. The window is to give you time to get ordered up and review and plan! Pick up your kit, your Shakeology or Challenge Pack and get COMMITTED. Let’s make your results INFOMERCIAL WORTHY. It’s time to get fit, ripped and ready to bring inside fitness to the outside world. It’s a decision you won’t regret. BRING IT. 


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