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Les Mills PUMP

If you’re familiar with Les Mills*, you know they’re the designer of booty-kicking, high-energy Group Fitness classes for gyms worldwide. One of their most popular programs is called “BodyPump” and centers on intense, high-rep barbell training. So here’s the awesome part: Les Mills and HDIGF favorite Beachbody have teamed up to create an at-home version of this booty-kicking, fat-punishing program called Les Mills PUMP.

As you know, I’m a P90X kind of guy and crazy stoked for P90X2 but I have to say, Les Mills Pump is one to be excited about as well. I’ve been through a few Body Pump classes (and was just hours away from pursuing certification in the class) and they’re no joke. BodyPump is burn-tastic, take-you-to-the-limit barbell lifiting that focuses on slow-twitch muscle training and doesn’t mess around. As fellow Coach, certified Les Mills BodyPump instructor and Dan V.’s Fit Spot! Team Member Becki Hulse can tell you, it’s the real deal. Interested? Click below or read on for the details!

Les Mills Pump… The Details

Les Mills PUMP workouts are 60-minute, feel it everywhere challenges that burn all major muscle groups into action. PUMP ditches dumb bells for barbells and plates to focus on high rep, high intensity and highly effective weight room exercises. Squats, shoulder presses, lifts and bicep curls are the name of the game. In a normal 60-minute PUMP class you’ll crank out 70-100 repetitions for each muscle group. In short…you’re gonna feel it.

The key component of PUMP is called “The Rep Effect”. The rep effect is muscle crushing training technique that focuses on high repetition movements with low weight loads. This training method creates muscles that are stronger and more powerful while staying lean.

Just like their BodyPump gym counterparts, PUMP workouts are driven by high intensity, get-your-mind-right music synched to your movements and actions. In all, you’re looking at roughly 800 reps in one workout. Go hard and that’s a calorie burning frenzy that strengthens AND keeps the heart rate up.

With Les Mills as an international fitness organization, they’ve recruited some of their best instructors to push you through the workouts. This isn’t a “show you and follow me”  program– Les Mills instructors are very “voice on” and will talk you through your workouts like champs.

Les Mills Pump workouts have been battle tested in the 14,000 fitness clubs to 6 million people a week and have proven to be incredibly effective at getting people fit, fast. Now you can get the same killer workout in your home.

The Workouts:

  • PUMP CHALLENGE. Hello, intro. Familiarize and begin firing your muscles with fundamental resistance exercises proven to give results. (20 minutes)
  • PUMP AND BURN. 20 minutes brought the burn, so here’s to 30 with compound moves built to work several muscles at once. Fat/calorie scorching isn’t optional: The bigger the burn, the bigger the results. (30 minutes)
  • PUMP AND SHRED. Get your heart rate monitor. Endurance is the name of the game as you’ll churn and burn. “THE REP EFFECT is in full effect here.” (45 minutes)
  • PUMP REVOLUTION. What’s up, legs? Drive your heart rate up with quick tempos and big moves like power presses and power lunges. (55 minutes)
  • PUMP EXTREME. Body weight time– Weights won’t be the only thing lifted here as you focus on intensity in this extreme workout. (55 minutes)
  • FLOW. Recovery time. Increase flexibility, decrease soreness, and improve your alignment as you stretch and lengthen your entire body. (20 minutes)
  • HARD-CORE ABS. Carve out your core and define your back with moves that hit your muscles from every direction. It’s 360-degree training for your entire midsection. (20 minutes)
  • Plus, PUMP BASICS. PUMP 101. Learn how to assemble your barbell, adjust your weights, and get proper grip and stance techniques to get the most out of your LES MILLS PUMP workout program. A Can’t-Miss. (10 minutes)

BONUS: Order through here through HDIGF and you’ll receive a FREE workout not available in the standard package: Core.

The Goods

Like most Beachbody produced programs, Les Mills Pump comes with virtually everything you need to understand the program, prepare and dive in head first. Les Mills Pump ships with the following:

  •     7 workout DVDs
  •     2 Sets of  Plate Weights
  •     1 Barbell
  •     2 Safety Clips
  •     Fitness Guide
  •     Nutrition Guide

Pretty good stuff. Ready to get started?

I won’t lie, behind P90X2, Les Mills Pump is the program I’ve been most looking forward to from Beachbody. Sign up for free support and coaching toward your fitness goals !

*Les Mills is the name of a gold-medal-winning New Zealand Olympic athlete. He gives his name to Les Mills International, a company founded by his son. Les Mills International develops a suite of international group fitness-to-music classes and programs. 

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