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Two-Fer Friday: HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

Insanity, Turbofire and even to a certain extent circuit-style P90X (as you’ll see below) all operate off a principle of High Intensity Interval Training. It’s why these programs can be so effective– (if you want to get real nerdy/scientific-like, here’s a recent study summary on vigorous exercise and its awesome effect on metabolism– IE, your body is working even after it’s done working… BONUS!).

So hey– I ran across a very cool image that does some great explanation with boredom-defying graphics to keep things interesting. It puts some “how” behind the “why” of the workouts you’re punishing every day… and I’m a big fan of that. The graphic also mentions the Tabata Training Method— a super-intense trip to Lactic Acidville I use every once in a while to keep things interesting– and where it’s only 4-5 minutes in length using any repeated high-intensity exercise (Mountain climbers, Debbie Seibers 80/20 speed squats, jumping jacks… you name it), it’s a great wrap-up to a workout if you feel you want to go the extra mile and face a pretty serious challenge.

This graphic is definitely a scroller, but it’s kind of fun anyway. Happy Friday!

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  1. Karen says:

    Awesome info on HIIT… my favorite kind of workout!

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