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NEW Insanity Workouts: Sanity Check + Fast And Furious Abs

Insanity has upped its game and widened its sweat-soaked net! Whether you’re an Insanity grad or just thinking about starting the program, Shaun T. has added TWO new Insanity workouts to the line-up– and if you’ve considered starting Insanity, one of them is an absolute must-have. Introducing SANITY CHECK and FAST & FURIOUS: ABS.

As one of the most popular programs in Beachbody’s fitness line-up, Insanity is a cardio-focused program built on intensity multiplied by duration and is unquestionably effectivene at torching fat and building cardiovascular endurance. It’s a tough program but one that pays off like crazy. And now with two new Insanity workouts, you can round things out, add variety and perfect your form for maximum results even faster.

New Insanity Workout: Sanity Check

I’m very pumped about Sanity Check– on of the new Insanity workout that’s long overdue and whose title perfectly describes what it’s all about. Too many times people get into Insanity and just “do” without focusing on form. Inevitably, this results in injury. Form is absolutely critical in the Insanity workouts. For all those I coach, knowing and reviewing form is one of the first “To Dos” I mention in my Insanity Pre-Launch Checklist. After all, what good is a workout if you injure yourself before finishing?

Sanity Check is all about bringing intensity to new heights but doing it in a sane and safe way. Think of Sanity Check as the Insanity Primer. Sanity Check shows you how to perform each Insanity move safely,  effectively and  step-by-step, teaching you how (and Shaun T. is a good teacher) to control your body and perfect technique. When you nail form and function down, you enable yourself to go longer and push harder… which means better and accelerated results. All the soreness… none of the injury!

If you’re starting Insanity, this is a must-own. If you’re an Insanity vet, I’d still say it’s must-own as a test against form and improving your technique.

Priced at $19.95, you can order Sanity Check here:


New Insanity Workout: Fast and Furious Abs

If you’re familiar with “Fast and Furious” (the exclusive free workout you get when you order Insanity from How Do I Get Fit) workout, you know it’s all about packing 45 minutes into 20- you go hard and you go home. Fast and Furious Abs follows the same format… a 40 minute ab/core-centric workout packed into 15 minutes when you want to knock that 6-pack strength on the fly.

In Fast and Furious Abs, Shaun T. hand-picks his top-shelf  cardio ab and core drills and Asylum style, pushes you as hard as you can go while giving you technique on how to build speed while maintaining control. And Speed + Control = Results.

Priced at $19.95 (or 10% off that if you’re a club member), you can order Fast and Furious Abs here:


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