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Kristin’s Insanity Workout Results

As a Mom and a high-demand professional photographer, Kristin was a woman on the go… and a “workout hater”.  But over the course of 60 days, Kristin became a woman transformed, both figuratively and literally. In short, she rocked it!

So what got Kristin to change her habits and slip into skinny jeans and a flat tummy thanks to kicking booty with one heck of an intense workout program? Read on!


What Got You Started With Insanity?

My awesome friend Mari Catherine (MC) introduced me to Insanity. I tried it once a few years ago but I wasn’t committed and I didn’t make it all the way through. One year later I decided to give it another whirl and it stuck.

How Did You Motivate Yourself to Follow Insanity Every Day?

I think my motivation to go everyday came down to not wanting to admit I couldn’t do it. I have a competitive personality and telling MC I gave up was not something I wanted to do. Also I told myself even if I don’t have much to give I still want to push play and do as much as I can. Sometimes those days ended up being some of the best. I would get discouraged because when I started I could only do 1 pushup. I did one pushup each time and stayed in plank until the video moved on. By the end I was cranking out push ups like a champ.

As a self professed junk food addict, how did you dial in on your nutrition to make it work and get your results?

I don’t really think that junk food is bad. I think too much junk food is bad. And sometimes laziness causes us to reach for the junk food far to often and in place of the good foods and that’s when I think it becomes a problem. Most importantly while I was trying to hit my goal I kept it out of the house. I also prepared my healthy snacks at the beginning of the week so they were convenient. If I had to peel the cucumber each time I wanted one I wouldn’t eat it. I had to peel slice and divide ahead of time to make them convenient. The rest just came naturally. The harder I worked the less I wanted or craved foods that didn’t make me feel good.

Were You Ever Worried About anything in your Insanity journey?

I worried all the time. I worried because I wasn’t loosing pounds on the scale. I worried because the first month the results were hard to assess. I worried that I wasn’t eating enough or was eating too much. If I had to do it over again I would not over think it as much.

What’s Next With Insanity And Your Fitness?

Insanity is intense I don’t think I’ll go back to doing it everyday at least not for a while. I will however work it in once in a while. I’ve never stuck with working out. Even though my insanity challenge is over it took me over a big hump. Made me realize that not only can I work out but I can maybe enjoy it too.

How Has Your Insanity Transformation Helped In Your Every Day Life And Ultimate Goals?

Insanity gave me more energy I feel like I’m a better mom now that I am healthier. It also gave me a lot of confidence. I don’t bat an eye anymore about hard classes at the gym or running for a long ways. I know I can do it because I did insanity and insanity is tougher then anything else.

Some Ladies are reluctant to start and stick to a workout program like this. What Advice Would You Give Them?

I think it’s a perfect workout for women. It’s cardio which women love with just enough resistance to fill in that nasty saggy skin. My legs never looked better than when I was doing insanity. I say Insanity is probably hands down the best program for women.

As a professional photographer and Mom (among other things you’re doing), how did you make time, or prioritize time, for you?

Oh time…it’s what we all don’t have enough of right? I made time in the mornings and I refused to let myself say “I’ll do it later or I’ll double up tomorrow” I set my schedule and I didn’t vary from it. Funny things is starting the morning off at 6am with a good work out ended up making me feel like I had more time then when I woke up at 8 and rushed to get things started.

Anything else you’d add about your journey, thoughts and tips for others?

I have two tips. The first I would say is find a friend. My mom and I did this together and it was nice talking to her everyday about the workout. There is just something awesome about bragging about what you just did. If you have a friend involved you can brag it up without the fear of them rolling their eyes. Friends make everything better…  even Insanity.

The second tip is don’t get discouraged about what you can’t do just do everything you can do. I barely made it through the warm up the first day. By the end I could almost do the entire video with no extra breaks. Progress not perfection.

No doubt, Kristin rocked Insanity and got the results she was looking for with a few changes, support and good ol’ fashioned persistence. Huge congrats to Kristin!

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