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Insanity Workout On Sale- Save $90 In April

The Insanity workout… maybe you’ve heard of it? Maybe you’ve even thought about jumping in to 60 days of sweating, gasping and torching fat with inverted high intensity interval training? Making big-time changes with a workout that birthed the slogan “My warm-up is your workout” and made “Shaun T.” a household name? If you’ve been thinking about jumping board with Insanity…. good news: the Insanity workout is on sale in the month of April.

If you’re familiar with Beachbody’s fitness training programs, you know they aren’t discounted all that often but if you’ve been thinking about trying the Insanity workout program, now is a great time to jump on board as the Insanity Challenge pack is on sale for only $180– saving you more than $70 in the process and setting you on track to rock summer in 60 days. This isn’t JUST some workout. This isn’t JUST some supplement- Shakeology is a full solution to getting you in great shape just in time for summer beach/pool time.


Insanity Workout Challenge Pack Sale

As mentioned, Insanity Challenge packs are more than just the workout. They come with free coaching, the game-changing Shakeology meal replacement and the Insanity workout program including bonus workouts you won’t normally get anywhere else, including TV. In short, the Insanity Challenge Packs are a “complete package”, offering full-circle support for achieving your goals through the “get it done” combo of Fitness + Nutrition + Support = Success.

The $70 savings comes from the fact buying Shakeology and Insanity separately comes to $250+. Picked up together and as part of this sale, $180 nets both. I’ve never seen the program this low.

About The Insanity Workout

Insanity is Shaun T’s largest and most popular program– in fact, it’s currently the number one fitness program in the nation. The Insanity workout is designed as an advanced, total-body conditioning program bent on results in just 60 days. As someone who’s gone through the program multiple times and will be Certified in short order, Insanity is definitely intense but is a workout that will deliver results when followed. As Beachbody explains it:

“The secret to Insanity is an advanced training technique called MAX Interval Training, which flips the standard approach of exercising, interval training, on its head. MAX Interval Training has participants working out rigorously for long bursts with brief cool downs in between, so they’re working out harder and longer.”

That said, don’t let the name scare you. Sure, Insanity is an intense program designed to take you to, and past, your limits in a disciplined program designed to lean and shape your body. Still, Insanity is scalable to your skill level. And even better, you’ll be amazed to see that skill level grow as you get better and watch your body transform and find success.

Ready to Dig Deep? Heck yes you are… with 60 days to summer, it’s on!

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