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Insanity “On Sale” ‘Til August 6th… But VIP Members Get 10% Off Forever

We’ve had lots of Insanity action here at HDIGF. I’ve used it to lean out and we’ve seen some pretty impressive results. In short, the program DELIVERS. If you’re interested in getting in on the game, Beachbody has a sale going where you can save $10 off shipping (usually $24.95), which is pretty impressive as “sales” on Beachbody programs are pretty few and far between.

Better Yet…

You can ALWAYS save 10% off ALL Beachbody products (that’s about $19.00 right off the bat on Insanity, which beats the $10.00 shipping discount all day, every day) if you’re a VIP Team Beachbody Member. Check that action out here and upgrade by clicking the “YES! Upgrade To Club Membership” at the right.

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