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Insanity And P90X Helped Us Run 198 Miles

If you’ve been doing P90X or Insanity, you know these programs provide more than a new wardrobe, a beach-ready body and good-looking muscle definition you never knew you had– they also give tangible, real-world “can-do”. By that I mean climbing flights of stairs becomes a breeze, you’re more flexible, can run farther, run faster and endure more “work”. In short, you’ve been built into an athlete– someone who can do more than the regular Joe/Jill. And honestly, if there’s any benefit to these programs it’s the “real world benefits” like these.

Just as an example, Coach MC and I (as part of a 12 runner team) ran a 198-Mile Ragnar Relay from Miami to the Florida Keys in early January. I’m more of a “social” runner, in that I don’t do much of it unless invited or taking part in an event like this– MC, on the other hand, is hardcore and runs miles and miles for fun and relaxation. Yes, she might be crazy.

The months leading up to our relay I never stepped foot on the road choosing to use Insanity as my cardiovascular training and hoping for the best. As it turns out, just three months later my run-time sprinted from a mediocre 10-minute mile to a respectable 8 1/2-minute mile thanks to a combination of Insanity and P90X . As for Coach MC, well… her results speak for themselves (and may be the only time we get to see an incidental “after” picture in the near future).

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