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How Do I Target Specific Muscles With Insanity?

A common Insanity question I often get is people wondering how to focus on SPECIFIC muscle groups or areas of the body. The answer is pretty simple:

You don’t.

I know, I know! That’s a lame answer but check this out: Insanity is a full body cardio conditioning program- one that works you top to bottom through stressing your muscles and spiking your heart rate with its floor work. It’s in this “perfect storm” your body will begin to adapt and change universally. You’ll gain more firmness and definition as the workouts and your nutrition melt the fat layer covering your “dream body” but Insanity isn’t designed to target one body part.

Also, keep in mind Insanity isn’t a program designed to build muscle, per se. It’ll strengthen muscle and build muscular endurance but “getting big” with Insanity just isn’t going to happen beyond losing fat and making your muscles “pop”.

If you’re a dude looking to gain muscle, don’t panic.  60 days of Insanity won’t make you lose muscle as it will improve your fitness base. In the end, your work here will pay off when you go after true hypertrophy (muscle gain) with targeted muscle building workouts like P90X and Body Beast. As I always say, trust the program and move on to your next goal once it’s completed.

But what about that “Upper Body Weight Training” workout that comes with Insanity? As Steve Edwards explains:

“The weight training workout is just a bonus and was not part of the original Insanity plan. Shaun wanted to make a weight training workout because he lifts weights. Not during his rounds of Insanity but in between.”

Yup- Shaun T. didn’t build all that muscle from cardio alone– dude lifts some WEIGHT. That said, you can work the weight workouts in with subsequent rounds but the program and results as you see in the commercials? They were done without that workout. Look at it as a bonus to mix in to your second round or next Insanity hybrid.

Using Insanity To Target Trouble Spots

Since we’re on the topic of “targeting” certain areas of the body with Insanity, the idea you can “focus on trouble spots” with Insanity is just not true. Wait, huh!? What the crap kind of program is this, anyway? Let me explain: I don’t mean Insanity won’t expose your abs and work those arms, I’m just saying by doing abs, you won’t burn fat off your abs.

Fat loss happens pretty much where your body dictates as you pursue your healthy nutrition and workouts… and unfortunately for those who want instant results, that usually means the “trouble spots” (butt, hips, arms for ladies and stomach and love handles for dudes) tend to be the last to go.

But that’s NORMAL. That’s how the body operates and the good news… those trouble spots WILL go!

Ultimately, that’s why Insanity is so effective- it makes your body work and in that work, your body utilizes all that fat for energy. And when body’s use fat for energy… it’s a a quick trip to a skinny jeans and new swimsuit shopping spree.

Just be patient and those flabby/puffy areas you’re trying to get rid of will become points of pride as your body loses the fat in these areas.

The trick? Do the program and follow the nutrition guide. It worked for me…  no doubt it will work for you!

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