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Insanity: The Asylum

Coach MC (aka- group fitness instructor and certified AFAA member Mari-Catherine) swears by Shaun T.’s Insanity. When she’s asked “How do I get a body like yours?”–which is often– her answer is always “Insanity”. That and being a limit-pushing 5’9″ cardio queen and genetic marvel. Still, Insanity is a program we’ve both loved. She hits the workouts hard every morning and I always find a way to work them in on P90X cardio days. So what’s with this Asylum business? It’s the bum-paddling, sports-centered follow-up to Insanity and hits sometime first quarter of 2011 (February-ish).  Details are out there and it’s still being refined, but here’s the skinny from what we know:

  • 6-8 workouts centered around sports training, including a true resistance workout using weights.
  • Official hybrid programs incorporating Asylum WITH P90X.
  • Another nutrition guide (which is great news if you’re familiar with the simplicity of the Insanity guide)

A while back, Beachbody threw up a preview video of Asylum, but quickly took it down. But just like all things internet, a “bootleg” remains. And while the video and audio sound like it was recorded from the bottom of the toilet bowl, it’s legit and pretty exciting to see what’s coming up– especially when you hear Asylum makes Insanity look like a warm-up.

I’m incredibly stoked, but laying it all out in bullet points is overrated. Here’s the straight dope from Shaun T. himself from an interview with Black Voices and

Black Voices: What’s your next fitness program?
Shaun T.:
I just finished a program called ‘Asylum’ because I had to take it a step forward. With ‘Insanity,’ it is based off max interval training and your best. I took all of that and made ‘Asylum’ really sports-specific. There’s a workout called Game Day, where you are doing all these different sports. You’re using your agility and speed. It’s really for the person who wants the athletic body and mentality.

Short and sweet, but he goes into a bit more detail via another interview with AOL’s That’s Fit:

TF: What’s next for you? What can you tell us that nobody else knows?

ST: Next up is Asylum. It’s very athletic, all sports-specific training. There’s a video called Game Day where you’re doing football, basketball, track and field, tennis, rock climbing, soccer, speed skating, baseball — it’s heavy, heavy, heavy sports-specific training. Another thing that’s crazy about Asylum is that it’s going to have a strength video where you’re using dumbbells, and you get into this thing called a Cardio Dumbbell Rotation. It’s something like you’ve never experienced before [laughs].

There’s another video called Overtime, so even if you’ve done one of the Asylum workouts, if you want more, it’s another 15 minutes of just pure going for it. Asylum is going to take people who did Insanity, take their fitness level, and then put their skill to the test. The great thing about Asylum is that there will be a couple of pieces of equipment, but it can all fit in your suitcase, so you can still do it in your hotel room.

As if that’s not enough… Shaun T. lays it out on video. Listen close– it’s echo-riffic:

Obviously, Asylum will be big, sweaty news in our house when it launches, so we’ll keep you posted on details as they become available. In the mean time, sign up with us to keep updated and receive a discount when this thing hits in a couple months by registering at If you’re feeling extra thrifty and want to save 25% on release, talk to us about paying it all forward by becoming a coach

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