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How Is The Asylum Different From Insanity?

Insanity: The Asylum is a program I tear into with reckless abandon. This may sound like high praise but I love, love, LOVE this program. It’s intense but not “undoably” intense. Asylum requires skill, coordination and endurance but always leaves you feeling accomplished and WORKED by the end of each session– not to mention “I just stepped out of the shower” sweaty. So as the follow-up to Insanity, how is Asylum different? Why not just hit another round of Insanity?

Glad you asked:

As Shaun T says, “You can’t practice all the time. You have to perform at some point.” There’s always a new challenge around the corner– 5ks, 10ks, marathons, overnight relays, Warrior Dash, team endurance events and showing up the in-laws and friends in basketball, soccer or football pickup games… you name it. Like a condensed version of spring training, The Asylum is the program that will get you ready to perform at your peak no matter your discipline or program.


1. Go From Insane… to Elite

Insanity focused on pumping up your cardiovascular endurance and plyometric, calisthenic-focused total body conditioning. Next up: shattering your previous improvements and honing in on your balance, agility, power, strength, and coordination. Jump higher. Run faster. Go longer. If you want to become athlete elite or simply improve your game, The Asylum will take you there with a whole new, athlete focused, shred-ariffic nutrition plan, moves to hone athletic agility and explosive strength. This is the next step.

2. Progression System

Insanity was laser-focused focused on Max Interval Training and torching fat with massive calorie burn. You’re ready for the next step and The Asylum has added even more to your challenge and future success with sports progression drills to really step it up. The workouts aren’t repetitive and will keep you engaged to dramatically improve your power, form, and focus from day the day you start until the day you finish… .all in 30 days.

3. New Tools!

Body resistance is amplified with new tools included in your purchase of Asylum: A Speed Rope for added upper body action as you incinerate those calories and an Agility Ladder that will not only help you to become quicker on your feet but allows you to visually measure your progress with every workout.

The program also has a bands-exclusive option split-screen workouts if weights aren’t your thing.

4. An All-New Meal Plan

This nutrition guide goes for SHREDDED with a 14-day meal plan that’s very different from the one you saw in Insanity. Plenty of carbs in the right portions and times and a few other dramatic shifts like a salad meal, recommendation to ditch dairy and tapering carbs to zero at night.  This is a focused plan aimed to amp up fat loss and one that promises if you stick with it for 2 weeks (or, even better, for the full 30 days) you’ll be more than pleased with your results.

5. Added Resistance

In Insanity, you used only your body weight as resistance. This time around in The Asylum, Shaun T. steps it up big-time with added weights, resistance bands, and a chin-up bar if you want to push it further. Want to stick with the body resistance? It’s still there for you as well.

6. Sweet Price Point

Since you’ve most likely completed Insanity or P90X before moving on to The Asylum, you’re not going to pay a full $119.95. The Asylum is only $89.95 and includes resistance bands, the agility ladder and speed rope. With all this plus the DVDs, a wall calendar that includes a calendar to incorporate BOTH Insanity or P90X, $89.95 hits the sweet spot… especially if you’re a 10% discount Team Beachbody Club Member or Coach.

So hey– I’ve jumped on board The Asylum experience and am honestly loving it again (how awesome is it that Shaun T makes you drop and give him 20 if you touch your agility ladder?). Join me, won’t you? Order The Asylum here.

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