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Finished With P90X2? Enter The Asylum

So you’ve finished P90X2. You’ve put in your 90+ days, trusted the program and come out the other side with a ballistic-resistant core and the superhero skill of throwing down Levers and 4-Med-Ball-Push-Ups in your sleep. So what next? After a week of active rest, another round of P90X2 is always a solid option but let’s be honest–now’s the time to put that solid month of explosive PAP (Post-Activation-Potentiation) training to the test… and if there’s any fitness program to do that it’s Insanity: The Asylum.

P90X2 Crushed Your Limits– Insanity: The Asylum Makes You Prove It

At their core, the P90X programs are built on improvement and introducing new challenges. Continued training stimuli over the long term will keep you at a physical peak but new training will help you break through and keep the challenges coming… not to mention avoiding burn-out.

Asylum, the sports-training based follow-up to Insanity, is a varied, sports focused and incredibly intense program. Think Reebok’s new anthem: “The Sport of Fitness”. Think PAP but without the breaks. Think “Oh, I got this” being faced with a burning, sweaty and spent reality check. Asylum is intense and the perfect compliment– and next step– to P90X2’s earned skillset. I’ve always considered P90X and Asylum sister programs– even more so now with P90X2. If P90X2 is the “off-season training” to shore up weaknesses and build skill, Asylum is the application fulfillment of that training in the form of, as Steve Edwards puts it “Hell Week”.

Asylum Tough… But Even More Than That, Asylum Is FUN

I love hearing the “wow” stories coming out of people after their first Speed & Agility workout with Asylum. It’s never ever “that wasn’t so bad” but more like “Holy [bleeeep!]… I wasn’t ready for that”. But even more… the comments always mention how FUN it was. As a guy who’s plugged Asylum in as a hybrid and “cardio switchup” for the last year or so, I can vouch for the latter. Steve Edwards again:

“As an athlete Asylum workouts resonate more than anything else in our [Beachbody] line-up for pure fun factor. It’s probably because they’re a lot like sports practice was back in the day. And even though I’m sure I complained about miserably-hard practice like these as much as my teammates, in retrospect it was a rollicking good time….Asylum is like Hell Week; what you’d do just before the start of the season to bring your fitness to a peak. And as nasty as Hell Week felt at the time in my memory all they conjure up are smiles.”

If you’d like more enthusiastic and motivating reading with Steve’s take on Asylum, check this out.

Asylum Is Only 30 Days… and only $89.00

So aside from the fun and massive performance gains you’ll acheive with Asylum, the program is short… and at the risk of sounding sales-ey… a great value. At $89.00 you get an agility ladder, a jump rope and if you order through How Do I Get Fit (right here), FREE resistance bands. It also comes with a nutrition guide that will further refine the way you think about nutrition and, of course, some kick-butt workouts (8 in total). And, from a music point of view… it’s got a pretty good soundtrack. I never use the no music/iPod option with these workouts.

Asylum Isn’t Insanity… Kind Of

No question Asylum shares some Insanity DNA… but Asylum is re-purposed without all the repetitive moves and long sets. It’s about power and performance, not just fat-shredding (though that’s a definite outcome) and endurance. Here’s a post on the differences between the two but I’d go even farther to say Asylum is Insanity improved thanks to more strength performance for those who’ve worried Insanity was all about cardio and subsequent atrophy (aka– losing mass).  I mean, let’s be honest: Asylum Shaun T. Makes Insanity Shaun T. Look Fat…. which is saying something.


“The thing about sports training is that body composition changes happen naturally. You’re not bodybuilding, per se; you’re just making your body more athletic. And the human body, in order to function well, tends to add muscle to places that look natural, balanced, and attractive. There’s a reason why the most popular ancient statues are of athletes.”

Asylum: Pull The Trigger And Step Up Your Game

I’ve quoted Steve Edwards quite a bit here but he has a fantastic, detailed, MUST-READ write-up here. I wish I could have just copied and pasted it all but I try to be an original content kind of guy. Which is a bummer as it’s great stuff. In short, I can’t recommend Insanity: The Asylum graduate program enough if you’ve finished P90X2. Asylum is in easy competition with the P90X’s as my favorite workout. It’s fantastic stuff and at only 30 days, Asylum will allow you to get back into P90X2 or P90X or a hybrid with Asylum in short order. At the end of 30 days, you’ll be amazed at what you’ll accomplish.

If you’re finished with P90X2, Asylum is unquestionably your next step. Pick it up here. And if you don’t have a coach for the support, accountability and details you need when it comes to questions and application? Well, I’ve got you covered. Sign up with me for free right here

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  1. Alan Fowler says:

    Excellent, timely article. When I finish out P90X2 Phase 3, I think I’ll give Asylum a whirl.

    Sounds like it’s another good program, generally, and for busy professionals.

    Can you explain some of the differences in lengths of work outs, etc.?

    Alan Fowler |

    • Dan says:

      Asylum rocks, Alan and it’s great for pros– especially at the length of 40-45 minutes at high intensity. The only workout over 40-45 minutes is Game Day at a full 60 minutes. “Overtime” a supplementary workout designed for “overtime” after Game Day or as an addition to any of the other workouts if you want to go hardcore, is only 12 minutes.

  2. P90X2 says:

    Don’t forget to send us your Before and After pics from P90X2!

    • Coach Dan V. says:

      You heard it from the official P90X2 Team here, folks– DON’ FORGET THOSE BEFORE AND AFTER PICS for a free shirt that comes with built-in bragging rights Just click the link above and you’ll see what we’re talkin’ ’bout.

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