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Does P90X Work?

With all the infomercials out there, P90X has taken on a life of its own. Still, all the before and after pictures look too good to be true, which makes “Does P90X work” a pretty common question? The short answer is YES but as with anything, you get out what you put in. Having used P90X, I KNOW it works… but sometimes a third party opinion can help.

Heather Hawkins, writing for Yahoo! Health recently threw P90X in the spotlight on a “Hit it” or “Quit it” comparison against insane HCG diets, and the ridiculous Shake Weight. Here’s the verdict:

The saying goes, “At any given time, there is an episode of I Love Lucy playing somewhere in the world.” I think the same is probably true of the P90X infomercial—possibly twofold. The parade of jaw-dropping transformations and well-oiled “after shots” just reek of scam. But, you know what…? The hype machine of the infomercial doesn’t change the fact that P90X is a really solid, well-rounded, old-school weight and cardio program that will deliver great results to anyone who has the dedication to push themselves through the workouts and, most importantly, reel in their diet. It delivers the same kind of solid workout experience you can get from taking several classes at a gym, which makes it ideal for parents and people who like the flexibility of working out at home.

The Verdict: Hit it! Just don’t expect that something magical will happen when the UPS man delivers the package to your door. As with any workout program, you’ll need the commitment to hit the workouts hard and change your diet to see results.

Of course, this is what we’ve been saying all along here at HDIGF. Still, one more voice to the choir never hurt anyone.

Keep rockin’ it!

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