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Body Beast Official Equipment List

Body Beast, Beachbody’s first official at-home mass building program is just weeks away and with the Mass Building program centered around weight and plenty of it– you’re probably wondering what equipment you’ll need to have on hand to maximize gains and take Body Beast to its full, shirt-ripping potential. So here it is, the official equipment list. If you’ve been doing P90X or any home weight lifting for any amount of time, chances are you’ll have most of it.

If you don’t have the full compliments of Body Beast equipment, no worries. Beachbody will be filling in the gaps with Standard, Ultimate and Deluxe versions of Body Beast and will feature the basic equipment needed for you to get your Beast on. As it turns out, Body Beast Equipment will only be sold separately– equipment will not be sold in kits or bundles but you can expect the introduction of an adjustable bench…

… and good news for Les Mills Pump owners: Body Beast weight plates are interchangeable with the Les Mills bar and plates.

What Equipment Will You Need For Body Beast?


You knew this one was in there. If you’ve been doing P90X, chances are you’ll have a set in-house. If not, there’s a few ways you can go, including a full-complement (and expensive) rack of weights, Bowflex SelectTech 1090s or Powerblocks. In all, the cost for a wide range of dumbbells or adjustable in the weights you’ll need could be anywhere from $200-400. Still, if you’re after mass, chances are you’ve already invested in a set of solid dumbbells and will be ready for single-arm curling action when Body Beast hits.

Bench (or Stability Ball)

No mass building program is complete without an adjustable weight bench. Body Beast is no different. If you have one, you’re all set. If not, Beachbody will offer an adjustable bench with at least one of the Body Beast program packages/kits. As for a stability ball, if you’re an animal and want to bring more stabilization to your mass training, a stability ball will get the job done. Do make sure its weight will hold both you AND a bar full of weight. A popped ball would have a high chance of ruining your day.

EZ Curl Bar

More than a straight bar, the EZ curl bar is an ergonomic bar designed specifically for going easy on the wrists when curling or doing rows. Instead of a straight end to end bar, the EZ Curla bow in the middle forming a “W” or “M”. They also allow for easy switching from pronated to supinated type grips. EZ Curl bars are used for bicep curls, rows and overhead triceps presses.

Weight Plates

What good is a bar if you can’t load it up? Beachbody will be supplying plates (and currently sells them with the Les Mills Pump program). No word yet on the weight available but Pump comes in 10# and 5# increments… chances are Body Beast will increase that to at least #25.

Chin-Up Bar

P90X or Body Beast,the  upper body strength benchmark is the pull-up/chin-up. Body Beast uses one and posts it as a requirement. Bands are also an option but while there’s plenty of options to really pick up a heavy band (up to 100# even), I’ve found the best way to get better at, and increase pullups, is by doing pull ups. Of course, if you’re in a pinch, the right weighted band will test you, no doubt.


Space isn’t Body Beast equipment per say… but with all this gear, you are going to need some space to use it. You’ll have a bar, bench and dumbbells so definitely plan ahead as to where all this stuff is going to go and better yet… see some use. Smashing holes in walls and through TVs is great for You Tube but not so hot for your living space.

Body Beast- Equipment You’ll Use

As mentioned, the list is relatively short and most guys will have this equipment in-house. If not, it’s relatively easy to snag and will come available with the Body Beast program when it’s released. Still, the Body Beast equipment list isn’t filled with razzle-dazzle gadgets and gimmicks. This is old-school equipment– bar, plates and dumbbells– stuff you’ll need in any muscle-building pursuit now or in the future. Putting them to use in a way that will maximize muscle gain– that’s the job of the Body Beast program.

As usual, I’ll let you know ASAP when pre-order comes available. Sign up for free coaching here and be the first to know Body Beast details as they arrive… and they tend to arrive quick. Stay tuned! 

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  1. Berni Gordon says:

    what about somebody who is 60 years old I’m five foot seven and a half and 130 I need to make definition I am skinny fat is this going to work for me

    • Coach Dan V. says:

      Hi Berni-

      I can’t say if Beast will absolutely work for you as that’s based on your application of the program and your predispositions/health… but in theory, if you’re healthy and follow the nutrition recommendations and workout as designed, it should work in moving you from skinny fat to building strength and muscle.

      When do you plan on starting?

  2. Stacy says:

    How important is following the exact meal plan? What if I’m already on a healthy diet and don’t want to change, or the body beast eating plan contains foods Im allergic to, like gluten. If I just follow a healthy diet, but not that exact one, will the results be the same or close?

  3. David Dewey says:

    I am 48 yrs. old, about to be 49 yrs. old. I’m approximately 6′-0″ , 210 lbs. I have never worked out before. I am on the slim side with no body definition, arms, forearms, wrists, chest, etc… are all small. I am looking to get in physical shape, gain mass, muscle, and a physique. Will Body Beast achieve my goals and if so what equipment do I need to obtain?

  4. Joy Lin says:

    I noticed in the workout schedule there is not a lot of cardio days. Is this program a good fit for someone who needs to loose 30 – 40 pounds?

    • Coach Dan V. says:

      Absolutely. Weight loss doesn’t come from cardio exclusively- it comes from diet and activity. And trust me, your heart rate will get going after a few reps using this program. :)

  5. Babs says:

    I am in good physical condition. I do lot of spinning and treadmill. I want to tone my arms and mid section. My legs are tone, put could be little more. I know weights should be added. I don’t know the weights I need to start with. I would like tone get more tone. Can you help me?
    Thank you.
    Barbara Burdick

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