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Body Beast Now Available!

BODY BEAST IS HERE…. and with a name like Body Beast, you KNOW bodybuilding gains in mass, strength and size is the name of the game– and if you’ve been looking to put on mass at home, your prayers have been answered. Whether you’re beginning or you’ve nailed your goals of getting ripped and adding muscle, now it’s time to get big.

Introducing Body Beast– Beachbody’s (the makers of P90X and Insanity) first at-home mass building program designed to get anyone started in building mass: whether you’ve been in the fitness game for years or you’re just starting, Body Beast was designed to get the novice in through the doors and adding muscle mass in short order.

 Body Beast Mass Building Program… The Details

Body Beast is made up of a combination of (12) 40-60 minute mass building and fat burning workouts. Based around barbell training, Body Beast trains you with a blend of old and new school body building techniques. In a 7 DVD set with multiple workouts per DVD (with a bonus 8th DVD if you order here at your workouts are broken out into 3 distinct training phases over 90 days: Build, Bulk and Beast.

The Workouts:

— BUILD: Workouts 1-4

Beginner or advanced, it’s time to build your base and reestablish your introduction to successfully building off your foundation. These workouts include super sets and giant sets to get you familiar with the pump of lifting big.

  • Chest/Tris
  • Back/Bis
  • Legs
  • Shoulders

— BULK: Workouts 5-9

Time to pack it on. A mix of force sets, progressive sets, combo sets and multi-sets with an full-on emphasis on hypertrophy… the stuff mass building dreams are made of.

  • Chest
  • Bulk
  • Bulk
  • Arms
  • Legs. 

— BEAST. Workouts 10-12

You’re building mass, these workouts fill in the blanks. Circuit training, core training and HIIT-style cardo to trim the fat while allowing your mass gains to maximize and show through with definition and power.

  • Abs
  • Beast
  • Beast
BONUS: Order here at HDIGF and you’ll receive a FREE workout not available with Body Beast: Lucky 7– a full-body workout using weighted compound movements you won’t get in standard packages.

Body Beast- Price

First and foremost… Body Beast is a very economical $89.95. This is primarily due to the fact it DOES require equipment. You can get the full, official equipment list here but you will need dumbbells (if you’re a P90x grad, you’re set), an EZ Curl bar, weight plates, a bench and a pull up bar. All this equipment is sold separately but in most cases, you may already have most of it. Either way, $89.95 is a pretty great price point and a minimal investment in a solid workout program like Body Beast.

Body Beast-  What You Get With The Body Beast Program

Like most Beachbody produced programs, Body Beast comes ready to order with a top to bottom toolkit filled with everything you need to understand Body Beast, the required nutrition and the workout calendar sequence to put it all together:

  •    7 workout DVDs with 12 total workouts
  •    The Book of Beast (Fitness Guide): Form, nutrition and science– the complete overview behind the program.
  •   “How To Eat Like A Beast” Nutrition Guide: Calorie calculators, portion charts, food lists and supplement  recommendations. It’s everything you need to nutritionally know… all in one place.

Body Beast- The Stack Packages

As with other Beachbody programs, Body Beast is also available in two additional packages beyond the DVD set. And while equipment is sold seperately, these packages include a two stack or four-stack supplement option:

Huge Stack Package: Includes the full Body Beast DVD program package and two supplements: The Whey protein Base Shake and the post-workout Fuel Shot. This package ALSO includes yet another bonus workout DVD called Tempo. Tempo includes two- hypertrophy-focused workouts not available in the standard package.

Beast Stack Package: Includes the full Body Beast DVD program package and the complete Body Beast supplement stack: The Whey Protein Base Shake, the post-workout Fuel Shot, Super Suma and M.A.X. Creatine Monohydrate. This package ALSO includes yet another bonus workout DVD called Tempo. Tempo includes two- hypertrophy-focused workouts not available in the standard package.

Pretty good stuff. Ready to get started? Click the link

I’ve been looking forward to Body Beast for quite a while and I’ve already ordered my copy. You can bet reviews will be coming soon! In the mean time, Sign up for free support and coaching toward your fitness goals with Body Beast! 


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  1. Saige says:


    Will the program be effective without the supplements & shakes? Is it possible to modify the eating program if I don’t order the supplements & shakes? Your write up says the program isn’t easy – can you offer a comparison to Jillian Michaels workouts, i.e. harder, easier or about the same? Thank you for your assistance helping me make an informed decision.

    Kind regards,

    • Coach Dan V. says:

      Hi Saige-

      Yes, Beast can be an effective program without the supplements and shakes. Yes you can modify the eating program if you don’t order supplements and shakes (we’re dealing with macros here after all- the supplements and shakes simply make it more convenient).

      As for Beast being “not easy”… I mean you’re pushing heavy weight around with lots of time under tension and repeated reps with little rest. Lots of burning end effort– it’s different than cardio style workouts in that your heart rate isn’t as high (though it will be elevated- you’ll be breathing heavily, no doubt– and of course on Beast Cardio that’s the exception). It’s just a different kind of “hard”– think moving heavy things around in the garage for 40 minutes as opposed to running around the block for 40 minutes. Both take effort- just different styles.

  2. John Adderley says:

    I had someone purchase body beast for me and am having problems getting the training app installed on my Samsung 5
    I have started the program but need assistance with the diet

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