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Body Beast For Women: Busting The “Looks Like A Man” Myth

If there’s one thing I’ve learned when it comes to ladies and working out, 9 out of 10 women don’t want to end up looking like dudes. It’s why you’ll see so many ellipticals and treadmills and group fitness classes based around “cardio” packed with the ladies and the dumbbell section packed with fellas. I know that’s a bit of a blanket statement but after years of seeing a handful of juiced up hardcore female bodybuilders looking like dudes in makeup and bikinis, there’s little wonder as to why ladies avoid resistance training.

As I’ve touched on here and here that’s unfortunate. And while a program named Body Beast may not conjure images of a lean, toned lady on first read, women do not produce testosterone like dudes (which science covers in Google-riffic detail*), which means packing on huge biceps and thighs with weight lifting is extremely tough to do without steroids. To put it simple: Body Beast is for women too.

When it comes to lifting, normal women simply build lean muscle. Heavy resistance training can create the physique many women are ultimately striving for and while “lifting weights” has been a “man-domain”, that barrier is being broken down thanks in part to gals like Jamie Eason and  other fitness models who rely heavily on weight training to carve a strong, lean athletic physique that’s kind of the hotness these days.

After all, strong is the new sexy.

Body Beast For Women

There’s no doubt resistance training (lifting weights) provides a lot of benefit for women:

  • Burns body fat – yup.
  • Builds strength which helps in the real world- kids are lighter, work is easier.
  • Builds lean muscle which lends itself to strength and endurance in other forms of training
  • Improves posture and allows muscle definition that equals looking “toned”
  • Leg training gives a natural “butt lift”
  • Strengthens bones which can aid in reducing risk of osteoporosis

There’s also no doubt that if you’re looking to increase strength and add lean muscle, Body Beast can certainly help there while burning calories and decreasing body fat with its Dynamic Set training style. And may I add yet another NO DOUBT in the “variety” column. Cardio is cool but cardio can get OLD.

My wife, who I affectionately call my “Lady Friend” took the Beast Challenge and has totally not  become my husband (aka-manly). Instead, she’s actually lost inches off her waist (which I didn’t think was possible), sculpting her shoulders, booty and created lean muscle that makes her arms look great in a tank top and her already athletic legs (not just legs but… LEGS)  look awesome in biking shorts.

I’d say she looks decidedly NOT manly.

To boot, many women find they actually ENJOY resistance training when they give it a chance:

“Arms was awesome!! I LOVE the progressive sets, they are brutal and bring some serious pump.” — MC

“Loving it!  I am all in and can feel a difference. I like what I see!” — Aimee

For a little more evidence of “Ladies Like The Beast”, Body Beast on Facebook is LOADED with women working trough and loving the program.

Speaking of weight loss…

Body Beast Weight Loss For Women

Body Beast is NOT a weight loss program per say but you CAN and WILL burn fat with it, dropping waist size, etc. I saw it’s not a weight loss program in that Body Beast is designed to build and strengthen muscle as opposed to making your trip to the scale a cause for a party (thanks in part to adding muscle, obviously). HOWEVER, just like any program, dialing in nutrition will burn fat.

If you don’t want to BUILD more muscle, you can always dial in your nutrition at the caloric deficit or standard you’re comfortable with, though I wouldn’t recommend anything lower that a 300-ish calorie deficit.

If you’re antsy, a hybrid program that combines Body Beast strength components with a cardio program like Insanity, Asylum or Turbofire (2-3 times per week) and you’re looking at some killer results as well.

Body Beast also offers a Lean training schedule, which adds cardio and a “fat burning” component in the last month as well. The program has your concerns covered.

Body Beast- It’s NOT Just For Dudes

So ultimately, Body Beast is going to be a choice in goals– but it IS a valid choice for ladies. And while it is no doubt marketed to the fellas, don’t let the dude-centric marketing (you will NOT EVER “man up”) throw you off if your goal is to get stronger and “swimsuit body”. The potential benefits outweigh the fact dudes will gravitate to a program like this.

You’ll hear lots about “Beasting Up” and “getting huge” and “buying new shirts” but the truth is, as a woman that doesn’t apply to you. The fact that Body Beast will help you sculpt lean and sexy muscle? That sure does. If you’re interested, you can check out and pick up the program here.

*Fact: Ladies have less testosterone (which helps build muscle) than Dudes, not to mention less “free testosterone” (IE- testosterone the body can actually be readily accessed– males’ is between 270-1100 ng (nanograms) versus 6-86 ng in the ladies. Thanks, science.

Trying Body Beast or any other beachbody fitness program? Sign up for free support and coaching toward your fitness goals right here! 


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  1. Jessica Ogg says:

    Thank you so much for posting this article. I just started Body Beast and I have been wondering if I should add a little more cardio to help burn more fat. Other articles I have read say that Body Beast shouldn’t be paired with Insanity type workouts because it is counterproductive. However, I am just trying to lean out and tone my muscles so they will look lean. Plus, I know I am not eating the surplus of calories Body Beast calls for to gain strength. With that being said, in your opinion you don’t think I will hurt my results if I pair it with Insanity or Turbo Fire?

    • Coach Dan V. says:

      Thanks, Jessica!

      Pairing Beast and more cardio-centered workouts like Insanity/Turbofire are “counterproductive” as Beast’s goal is to focus 100% on building muscle and where cardio tends to break muscle down a bit and inhibit muscle growth, they recommend against it for the true purpose of the program. Still, you CAN lean out using Body Beast and by keeping your calories in check (as it sounds like is happening anyway?). If you want to add cardio into the mix, you could definitely do it but I’d keep it shorter (30 minutes or so) and just a couple times a week- similar to the Lean Beast track.

      As for “hurting” your results- it just depends on what you’d like your results to be and what your goals are. You will build muscle and strength with Beast, no doubt. Even if you add a couple days of cardio. Just make sure your nutrition intake supports what you’re going for. :)

  2. Kenaya says:

    So im doing the 21 day fix again eating 1300-1500 cals a day and im doing Body Beast.. I am already used to lifting and when i was stronger i was eating alot but i wasnt lean.. So im afraid to up my caloriea for Body Beast because i dont want to gain any fat back. What do you recommend?? I am 22 yrs old 150lbs always been an athlete but ive never been able to be lean, which is now my ultimate goal:). Please help!! Your wife looks awesome!! I want my abs to look like that! Haha Thanks!!

  3. Tammy says:

    Can you do a hybrid of 21 Day Fix and Beast? I was thinking about trying this since I have a little fat I would like to burn but I would also like some muscle definition.

    • Coach Dan V. says:

      While you could certainly do a hybrid, adding a 21 day fix workout into your week for cardio, the main goal of Body Beast is to add muscle which means eating more. 21 Day fix, on the other hand, restricts calories.

      A few thoughts:

      So you have a couple options: To get to your goal, you could use Body Beast alone and follow the Lean program. OR you could shoot for dropping a few lbs. of fat with 21 Day Fix and and then move to Body Beast to build that muscle after leaning out a bit. As mentioned, you could always do a hybrid, adding the occasional 21 Day Fix workout but Body Beast seems to be the program more aligned with your goals.

      That said, have you done 21 Day Fix?

  4. Becky says:

    I have a question on the equipment u used for the program. I am new to lifting though I’m not totally out of shape. I am going to start building my little gym for the program and am wondering what size weights I should buy to start out. I unfortunately can’t afford the adjustable weight. Thanks in advance.

    • Coach Dan V. says:

      Your weight limit is definitely going to increase as you move through the program so I’d be sure to start with a low weight that challenges you and move up 10-20 lbs. From there in 5 lb. Increments. It’s also tough to say what size you should use as you will be able to typically lift more with legs and back than arms. If you would like to buy the equipment “ala carte” visit your local sporting goods store and test out weights for various Body Beast moves. That way you’ll know what weight is too light and what challenges you for various body parts. You can the move up from there. People are always selling weights so you may even be able to get some goods deals if you look around.

      My wife is big into weight training and could helps as well. When do you plan on starting, Becky?

  5. Rena Register says:

    I have started body beast but I also play tennis two to four days a week. How can I combine this with the beast workout? Do I just follow the lean schedule and use tennis as an additional cardio on the days I play?

    • Coach Dan V. says:

      Hi Rena!

      Congrats on starting Body Beast! You’ll love it!

      As per your question, you’re 100% on the right track. Just consider those tennis days your “Two a days”. I’d actually recommend going with the Beast track since you’ll be getting additional cardio with Tennis 3 times a week. Don’t let the name fool you- you won’t get Beastly. You’ll get that physique you’re after!

  6. gina run. says:

    Can I use t25 and body beast?

  7. gina run. says:

    Can I use t25 with body beast. I already have t25. I am a bigger size so I want to get a little smaller but I want to have muscle and make certain parts of my body don’t get smaller

  8. Teresa Crowley says:

    I started body beast four weeks ago. What i was wondering is that I’m 5’1 at about
    100 pounds. I carry my weight in my midsection. Will bodybeast help with that.
    I’m eating around 2000 calories a day

  9. stacy gwidt says:

    i was wondering how many calories your wife went with, I’ve read the beast book & as it is a mans program, how should a woman determine calorie intake? Follow the book also? I want to build more muscle & shed fat.

    • Coach Dan V. says:

      Reading the book of beast will get you the calorie intake you need. Calorie intake is based off activity, age, height and weight– that’s unique to you so following the guide will get you the numbers you need. That said, building muscle and shedding fat at the same time is difficult. Beast will aim for the best of both worlds but plan to put on some weight in the beginning. Also, if your goal is to lean out, follow the Lean Beast track. how is it going so far?

  10. Naomi says:

    Did your wife follow the Body beast eating plan, adding in the Fuel Shot and the Beast Shakes? I do not plan on doing the fuel shot, but need to use a carb replacement for that.

    • Coach Dan V. says:

      My wife did not add Fuel Shot but did use the Beast shakes throughout the program.

      The idea behind Fuel Shot is basically readily available workout energy. It’s similar to Beachbody’s Recovery Formula but intended for pre/intraworkout use– ie, high-glycemic, easily absorbed sugars quickly used for fuel. In essence, you could use it post-workout as well, with a dash of protein, to promote recovery.

      What are your thoughts about the carb replacement you’re thinking of?

  11. Dainna says:

    I just received Body Beast in the mail today and started the first video tonight. I tried to modify the weights, as the men were using 20, 30, 40 lb. weights, I was using 5, 8, 10. Any suggestions on which weights I should grab as I follow along? I want all the benefits of the workout, without the bulk.

  12. Kim says:

    Do you find it essential to get the supplements recommended for Body Beast? Is it necessary? Will I not gain the muscle mass or will it be too slow to notice if I don’t take the shakes?

  13. Jean says:

    I am a 35 yo female with 22% body fat (127lbs). I am finishing up Chalean Extreme and want to be at 18% BF. Am interested in Body Beast. Do you think I need to get rid of more fat before starting?

    • Coach Dan V. says:

      Hi Jean!

      You can get rid of fat with any program- it’s the nutritional aspect you’ll want to focus on. That said, Body Beast will absolutely help you get rid of fat if that’s your goal. Great program.

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